Moms that are breastfeeding must consider which foods they can include in their daily diet. All foods or drinks that are consumed in large quantities can pass through the breast milk to your baby’s system and can as a result have a negative effect on your baby’s health or overall well-being. There are a few […]

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Wondering what lies ahead – besides a couple of extra stretch marks, additional lost sleep and, of course, the cutest, new baby? Here are some things I’ve learned that might help you prepare yourself and your family for Number Two. Yes, you will love the second one as much as […]

In South Africa, a child is most likely to injure themselves at home – far more so than anywhere else. This is largely due to children’s confidence and curiosity at home, together with an adult’s inability to be everywhere at once, or to have eyes on children at all possible times; it’s human nature. The importance of being […]

As a mother of four teenagers, it would be plausible for me to hail myself as all knowledgeable on the topic of connecting with teenagers.  Unfortunately, connecting with your child is not a science – it requires continuous enthusiasm and effort.  The same enthusiasm and effort that was shown to them when they were infants, […]

Growing up can be an emotional rollercoaster, during which a young person has to contend with many high and lows, from school and friendships to puberty and their sexuality. If you have noticed that your teenager seems to be experiencing more lows than highs, and these lows are happening more and more frequently, this may […]

If you are wanting to breastfeed your baby you most likely have thought about getting yourself a breast pump. At first the idea may be simple but there are quite a few things to consider. To make sure you get the best pump for your needs, follow these 6 easy tips: Rental or personal There […]

Raising your children to be money smart is an essential skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Teaching your kids from a young age about money will help them to understand how money works and they will find it easier to learn how to manage their money. Here’s how to raise […]

I have a friend who used to work at the BBC going through the raw footage of all the horrors happening around the world and picking out the bits that were acceptable for the public to see. Her job was intense, but she was ok with it… until she became pregnant. There is something about […]

Mom is strolling around the supermarket with a six-month-old infant in the baby seat. Not once does she engage in eye contact, talk to the child or even smile. When the baby becomes restive, a dummy is thrust in his mouth without a word spoken. Contrast this with a dad in a fruit and veg […]