There is much discussion and debate on whether walking rings are beneficial or dangerous to babies. Once very popular and widely used, there has been a strong debate on their usefulness in recent years. We will take a closer look into these reasons and decide whether it is worth the risk. 1. Walking rings can […]

What is “play”? Well, think of it this way, play is a medium that all children use to explore and experience the world around them. It is the best teacher your child can have. The best “play” is motivated, spontaneous, and focuses on the process rather than the product. The idea is for them to […]

Whether you realise it or not, we use maths concepts to solve real-life situations every day. From cooking with recipes to figuring out the correct money to give at the store, maths is everywhere. Teaching your children fundamental maths skills at a young age is easier than you think! With research stating that 80% of a […]

Self-esteem stems from a sense of competence — or, to put it another way, children gain confidence due to their successes, not because of the recognition they receive from family and friends. As a preschool teacher, I saw many children gain trust and self-assurance as they learned and achieved new tasks and objectives. As parents, […]

Causes and possible solutions! As a parent, it is devastating news to learn from the schoolteacher or principal that your child is a bully. Thinking that your child could harm others is a painful thought. Children’s friendship skills are essential indicators of your child’s general mental health level. If your child participates in verbal or […]

As educators in the early learning phase, we believe that we are tasked with the responsibility to make sure our learners are reaching their milestones at the correct time. If we can assess that a young learner is struggling at an early age, we will be able to assist and work on lacking developmental issues, […]

When a young child returns to an earlier stage of development and behaves accordingly, this is known as regression. You won’t always have a huge infant on your hands; this is simply your child’s way of informing you that they require more attention and sympathy from you. It is particularly prevalent among young children, and […]

Many parents fear that giving toys to their children is spoiling them but it has been proven many times that play contributes directly to a child’s education and development. The important thing is to give them the right toys that stimulate and prolong play and learning. If children are to discover what they are good […]

As parents, we want what’s best for our children.  This means that we want them to be healthy and develop holistically.  We want to give them the best possible chance to thrive!   I don’t know about you, but I often feel bombarded with information. It can be quite overwhelming at times! If you’re feeling […]

Mom is strolling around the supermarket with a six-month-old infant in the baby seat. Not once does she engage in eye contact, talk to the child or even smile. When the baby becomes restive, a dummy is thrust in his mouth without a word spoken. Contrast this with a dad in a fruit and veg […]