The past couple years have had a tremendous impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of most people, and young children have not escaped the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns in this regard. Parents may have seen a change in their children, including increased instances of anger outbursts, sometimes of the explosive kind. “There […]

Children each learn and develop at their own pace, and reading is no different from any other skill. However, for some children they find it challenging at one point or another. They battle to build, recognise and manipulate the sounds in language. They also have difficulty in decoding words.  Often children battle with barriers to […]

In honour of the recent Autism Awareness Month, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet (MySchool), South Africa’s leading community fundraising platform, is highlighting the vital work being done by one of its beneficiaries to support families and individuals impacted by autism. Action in Autism is a MySchool beneficiary, which works to bring much-needed awareness and support to this […]

Parents of young children often fear whether their child will “fit in”, cope in a sporting environment or achieve academically if they are non-neurotypical. These concerns are based on a societal perception that children should at least be ‘average’, even if they are not top of their class.  However, an educational psychologist says this is […]

Proper estate planning is one of the most important things you can do for your children. Not only does it spare them the anxiety of having to tussle over your estate while mourning your loss, but it can also serve as a final parting gift from one generation to the next. Despite this, 70% of South Africans […]

Many educators would agree that there is a close connection between vision and learning.  Much of what a child learns is through the visual system, as this is our most influential sense. If we consider that reading and writing, along with using computers and problem solving are all visual tasks that children perform daily, one […]

Dyspraxia is a disability that is believed to affect 2 – 10% of the population.  This disability can be defined as “a development disability of organisation of movement.  It is caused by an immaturity of the brain resulting in messages not being properly transmitted to the body.” [1] In laymen’s terms, dyspraxia affects motor planning.  […]

The new school year is an exciting time – new experiences, new learning, and new friends. Yet, for a child with ADHD, it typically spells academic pressure and school stress.  Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics says the transition back to school can be fraught with anxiety, for both children and parents. “If your child […]

How little steps guarantee great results Many children with special needs feel overwhelmed by daily activities such as brushing teeth or getting dressed. A daily schedule of activities with predictable routines for each activity can make the world seem less chaotic and frightening to them.  Understanding Schedules and Routines A schedule represents the main activities […]

Glenoaks Remedial and Special Needs School has shown once again that our passion to meet the needs of our children is as strong as ever. Glenoaks School made a stand by challenging the changes to the disability tax laws put in place by SARS. In so doing, we sought to protect the rights of learners […]