Did you know that the Urban Dictionary defines the word Hass as “anything kick ass”? We’d say that with the Hass avocado’s rich, nutty, addictive taste, they got that absolutely right!  Named after California postman Rudolph Hass, who grew the first tree of its kind from a seed he bought in the 1920s, the Hass avocado […]

As parents we are always looking for healthy eating routines for our children – not only to ensure they get the best nutrition for growing bodies but to help set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  It turns out that yoghurt is a special ally for concerned parents.  Rich in protein and […]

In an ideal world, children’s supplements would not be necessary as most of their nutrients would come from the food they consume on a daily basis, such as fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy. Today, with busy schedules and fussy eaters, often our children fail to eat enough of the right foods to obtain the necessary […]

In today’s world, more people are in need of food supplements to support their diets, but do not enjoy taking pills. That’s why Nutripure fruity chews make vitamins easy and painless to take.  The delicious tasting Nutripure fruity chews are specially  formulated with natural fruit pectin for adults and kids. Here are a few reasons […]

Did you know that you can influence your child’s taste buds from when you are pregnant? Starting much earlier than we realised, your baby gulps amniotic fluid in your womb and this healthy eating journey continues during breastfeeding, too. While these opportunities may have passed by the time you have a baby and toddler, it […]

Taking gummy vitamins as a kid is a fun experience because they look, taste, and feel like gummy sweets. When vitamins are similar to their favourite treat, children take them willingly! This is one of the many benefits of NutriPure’s gummy vitamins.  While gummy vitamins are usually seen as a remedy for children, there’s absolutely […]

Looking for some convenient, easy to prepare winning winter dishes that only use one pot to prepare? Look no further! From a simple one-pot roast chicken to a boerewors spaghetti, West African Jollof rice, a chicken veg stew, sausage and baked bean stew or a hearty breakfast and brunchtime snack, with the convenience and goodness […]

The World Health Organization recommends that infants are introduced to solid foods from 6 months, in combination with milk feeds, to help meet their changing nutritional requirements. Soon thereafter, your baby will be eating pureed solids like a pro. And just like your baby progressed from rolling to sitting to crawling and standing, a similar […]

Women’s month is the perfect time to celebrate and pay tribute those special ladies in your life What better way than to host a delicious brunch to show them how much you appreciate them? Set a pretty table and host the perfect brunch this Women’s month with these tasty recipes from Rhodes Quality. Everything from […]