Ensuring your child gets the right nutrients can be challenging amidst the chaos of daily life. Choose Alula Gold Kid 4-in-1 nutrition – a comprehensive solution designed for kids aged 3 years and older, dubbed as Super Nutrition for Super Kids. This 4-in-1 drink packs a powerful punch, offering protein, vitamins and  minerals in a convenient package. Protein […]

Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and rewarding experiences for a mother and her baby. Tt can however sometimes be challenging to find the right products to support this journey. Medela is committed to providing innovative and reliable breastfeeding solutions to ensure that every mother can enjoy this special bonding time.  Medela’s range of […]

Many South African consumers are becoming more aware of the climate change impacts of their food choices and are looking for practical ways to shift towards a more sustainable diet. Including more vegetables and fruit, whole-grains and legumes in our family meals is certainly more environmentally friendly.  However, sustainable diets must also be healthy diets […]

Dibber International Preschools is  a leader in early childhood education based on the Nordic model and international standards. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, emphasises the importance of early childhood development and literacy in shaping the futures of young learners. “At Dibber, we believe that a well-rounded education begins with the basics, which […]

Adequate baby and child nutrition is imperative in order to achieve appropriate growth & development, build defence against infections and to decrease the overall incidence of life-threatening disease in childhood. Approximate energy, protein, iron, and folate requirements during childhood Age Energy kJ/day Protein g/day Iron mg/day Folate mcg/day 0-6 months 2700 13 6 65 7-12 […]

According to global trend analysts and pundits from the food industry, 2024 is going to be another great year for mushrooms! Whole Foods in the US each year puts out its predictions on what we will be eating, and those in the know say they’re pretty accurate year in and year out! According to Forbes, […]

– It’s easier than you think – The 2024 school year has kicked off and parents are back to the challenge of the daily packing of nutritious and appealing lunch boxes.  Time constraints, especially on weekday mornings, picky eating, getting the nutritional balance right and cost concerns are all hurdles that busy parents must grapple […]

Air fryer cooking has taken South Africa by storm. What started out as a niche cooking method has now become one of the most popular and talked-about ways of preparing food. In fact, in July this year, Cape Talk Radio reported that air fryers have become so popular in South Africa, that it’s affected the […]

Your baby is nearing six months and the excitement starts to mount as you prepare to introduce solid foods for the first time. As your baby grows, the ability of breastmilk alone to meet the increasing nutritional needs starts to become limited as it is too low in energy, protein, and minerals like iron and zinc. A […]

There’s nothing quite like pregnancy to focus your attention on your health and well-being.  Most moms-to-be naturally have questions and concerns about their nutrition so that they meet the needs of their growing baby.  Of course, you also want to maintain a strong and healthy body that is well-prepared for birth and the rigours of […]