The high cost of food is a subject on everyone’s lips. Reasons for the increases range from the war in Ukraine to the weaker rand, and natural disasters such as the floods in KwaZulu-Natal – a province in which many South African factories are situated. JustMoney, which helps South Africans to educate themselves about managing their personal finances, has compared […]

Breastfeeding is important to your baby’s health and is the safest and healthiest thing that you can feed your little one. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) you should feed your baby exclusively with breastmilk for the first six months. Unfortunately, some moms can’t breastfeed due to medical or health reasons. […]

Plump, glowing, youthful, clear, healthy and the list goes on of words we want to use to describe our skin. How many of these words can actually be used to describe the current state of your skin? We’re guessing no more than two, maybe three. The reason why you might not be able to tick […]

When you hear about hot flashes, most women immediately think “menopause” and reckon it’s something they’d only have to worry about in their mid to late 40s. Thing is, this annoying, make-up ruining, life-interrupting symptom can affect you as early as your late 30s during perimenopause, the lead up to your final period. Even more annoying? While, […]

CN CLIMATE CHAMPIONS CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Ready to be a Climate Champion? Do you need great ideas on how you can make a difference to our precious planet? Catch up every day for a whole week during the holidays with your favourite Cartoon Network characters as they tackle environmental issues. What will […]

Couples trying to conceive without any joy will know how bittersweet celebratory events like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can feel. After all, when you decide it’s time to start and family and things don’t come easy, Fortunately, you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with fertility and, globally, infertility rates are rising with as […]

Up until a couple of years ago, you’d be forgiven for thinking the term “wellness” only referred to lazy afternoons spent at a spa or a wellness retreat. Today, wellness is considered an important part of everyday life. The covid-19 pandemic saw a global surge in self-care practices and mental health awareness. It forced us […]

Castle Timbers launches THREE new unique floating media storage solutions  South African specialist shelving company, Castle Timbers, part of the MTO Group, has launched a series of ultra-stylish floating shelf and media wall unit ranges, designed to hold multimedia gadgets, and conceal unsightly cables.  These units are also equally at home as stylish storage solutions […]

Wherever possible, consumers are tightening their belts and looking at ways to consolidate expenses and save money.  Healthcare is no exception. Traditionally, members of medical aids re-evaluated their medical cover annually, to coincide with increase announcements as well as changes to plans and benefits which come into effect on January 1 each year.  However due […]

Winter has already started knocking at our doors which calls for a change in our skincare routines to avoid our skin falling victim to the extreme weather conditions. Your skin barrier is the most susceptile to depletion during Winter from the cold weather, hot water and dry heat, which all deplete the natural skin ceramides […]