Previously, a delusional young buck, Prince Ivandoe, accompanied by his loyal squire Bert, went on an epic quest to claim the legendary Golden Feather. A journey that took him far away from home, across the five kingdoms and place him in the path of unimaginable dangers… and some rather spectacular nincompoops filled with magical fairy […]

Each of the Batwheels gets a chance to shine every weekend in February! 17/02 – Calling Bam: He is the Batmobile and leader of the Batwheels team. Like his hero Batman, Bam has a strong sense of justice. 18/02 – Calling Bibi: She is Batgirl’s brave motorcycle. She is the fastest of the Batwheels, but also the […]

Cuddle up for Valentine’s Day with a collection of episodes that celebrate the beauty of love in all its forms. Gumball tries to recapture the magic by organising a big romantic gesture in The Amazing World of Gumball. In Adventure Time, Flame Princess is under fire and needs a champion. Can Finn help her save […]

A brand-new South African-produced YouTube series for Cartoon Network Africa CN Challengers Go!, the new YouTube series from Cartoon Network Africa, hits the screens starting Friday, 9 February.  Straight from the heart of South Africa, Cartoon Network Africa’s newest YouTube series, CN Challengers Go!, is bound to keep you entertained at any time of the […]

Takeaways: Meta has worked with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to expand Take It Down to more countries and languages, allowing millions more teens to take control of their intimate imagery. Meta has also partnered with Thorn to update our Stop Sextortion hub, offering new tips and resources for teens, parents […]

‘As you begin 2024 with a clean slate in terms of medical aid benefits, it’s a good time to look at ways to manage medical expenses,’ says Lee Callakoppen, Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund. Here are 10 tips to empower yourself in managing medical expenses.   Designated Service Providers (DSPs) and networks  Healthcare costs […]

Craig, JP and Kelsey are still enjoying their adventures at the creek, but they soon realise that something is amiss. A mysterious villain is causing trouble and disrupting their search for the Heart of the Forest. The trio must work together to unmask the culprit and put a stop to their mischievous ways. Meanwhile, Maya […]

In Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go! Thomas and his loc-amigos embrace surprises and discover more about each other as they get into new shenanigans on the Island of Sodor. When Thomas and Percy must transport an allegedly unlucky boxcar of bananas, Thomas seems to have bad luck wherever he goes. Harold the Helicopter’s dream […]

The start of a school year is always a nerve-wracking and exciting time for both kids and parents – whether your child is off to daycare or big kid school. Parents always want to make sure they set up their children for success and to show up as the best versions of themselves, and while […]