Benefits of a Cambridge Education A Cambridge education gives students the skills they need for life and helps them achieve in their schooling, university and work. Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) qualifications are accepted by South African and international universities, including Harvard, Cambridge and MIT, and are valued by employers across the world. An International […]

Many learners find that they do not fit into the current school system. However, the 21st century has paved the way for an alternative form of education, which is facilitated by the latest technology and offers a new and innovative option to learners of the digital age. For more than 35 years, Brainline has been […]

In this article, we explore these differences and how both play a role in moulding our children’s learning experience. “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child” – George Santayana 1863 – 1952, philosopher and Harvard Professor.  Ponder that for a while. What about this one – attributed to Albert Einstein (who?) but in […]

In the same way that every person has their own unique set of fingerprints, each person has a unique brain. We all process information and think about things differently. If we didn’t, we’d be robots who all acted the same and were interested in the same things. What a boring world that would be! You […]

A mere cursory glance at social media and parent groups shows the anxieties and frustrations of parents with school going children today regarding access to an excellent education. Lack of access at public schools is a major challenge, with parents whose children qualify on all counts not gaining admission – through no fault on their […]

Safety can take many forms – from physical and emotional to psychological. Your child’s perception of safety, or the lack thereof, can greatly affect how and what your child learns. Therefor it’s pivotal to create a safe and positive environment for learning at home, especially in a home-based learning setting. According to a recent paper […]

The following account is the story of a parent, Engela Janse van Rensburg, who decided to make the switch from a brick-and-mortar school to online homeschooling and she has never looked back! “Here’s a riddle for you: What is the most in-demand occupation – no, let me rephrase – profession, in the entire existence of […]

Online schooling is on the rise in South Africa, and more families are opting for the flexibility and other benefits of at-home learning.  However, it’s important for parents to be mindful of providing a child-friendly workspace that is conducive to learning.  A safe, comfortable and well-organised environment is essential for your child to thrive at […]

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) conducted a meeting with homeschooling and online school providers on the 2nd of June 2022. This is the first meeting where the GDE reached out to service providers in the home education sector as part of stakeholder engagement and relationship building. Chriselda Mosibudi-Makhubela, the Director for Independent Schools at […]

“In 1951 we witnessed the birth of television. In 1981, Acorn IBM’s first personal computer was released and in 1999 Wi-Fi, the abbreviated term for “wireless fidelity” was developed. But life as we know it today doesn’t change every 20 – 30 years anymore. It now changes every 20-30 minutes…perhaps without us even knowing it. […]