The on-going impact of a pandemic, looming price increases and unstable markets might have parents wondering what they can do to prepare their children for an unknown future work environment. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many new opportunities, and the future is bright if your child is properly equipped to take […]

Whether you realise it or not, we use maths concepts to solve real-life situations every day. From cooking with recipes to figuring out the correct money to give at the store, maths is everywhere. Teaching your children fundamental maths skills at a young age is easier than you think! With research stating that 80% of a […]

With calculators, spell-checkers and predictive text now being a common feature on computers and mobile phones, will today’s children still need strong mental skills to get by? Using technological software may be quick and easy, but there are real disadvantages that come when a child is so dependent on online assistance; namely, they will lack […]

According to CollegeRaptor (USA), non-traditional (alternative) schools “were first introduced as a way to help students who could not fit into the regular school system because of various behavioural problems”. Colleges in South Africa in the 1980s had a reputation for being senior high schools for those students that no traditional mainstream school would accept.  […]

A mere cursory glance at social media and parent groups shows the anxieties and frustrations of parents with school going children today regarding access to an excellent education. Lack of access at public schools is a major challenge, with parents whose children qualify on all counts not gaining admission – through no fault on their […]

“Help Mom, I am stuck on this word?” What is your first reaction, “just sound it out”.  Good advice? Actually, not that good.  Sounding it out is not always the best strategy for figuring out a word. Learning to read individual words is hard work and not always as easy as parents may think. There […]

As parents or guardians, most of us work long, exhausting days. We understand that with the price of food, petrol, school fees etcetera, work is a given – if we are fortunate enough to be employed – and this is not something we are ever going to change. The downside is that hard work often […]

There are many terms that teachers, psychologists and other professionals may use that, at times, are perhaps not explained effectively leaving parents at a loss to the significance of these difficulties. It is important to understand what the importance of these conditions are, (especially if they have been mentioned in your child’s school report) what […]

The transition from Grade Nine to Grade Ten marks an important and eventful time in a student’s educational trajectory. One of the critical aspects of this transition is characterised by the selection of subject streams – coming up for all Grade Nines in the next few weeks – that essentially determine future study and career […]

This is an exciting time for South African matriculants as they complete the final stage of their school career and prepare to enter the next phase of their academic life.  We are delighted to see how our students have excelled academically and are now submitting their applications for a place at university next year. GUIDELINES […]