Resilience and endurance are indispensable qualities in today’s fast-paced world, and parents play a crucial role in cultivating these traits in their children. But while we all understand the importance of these traits, helping our children develop them isn’t always easy. In my many years as an educator and now school principal, I have, however, […]

Imagine a world where children are confined to desks, memorising facts without understanding their real-world applications. The anxiety of test scores and the pressure to conform stifle their creativity and critical thinking. Now, contrast this with an environment where learning is an adventure, where curiosity is the driving force and where children are encouraged to […]

One need only look around you to see how young South Africans exemplify the boundless potential of a future in constant flux and change. As educators, it is our duty to create an environment where every child has the opportunity to maximise their unique potential so that they can affect a brighter future for our […]

The Impact of Hearing Difficulties and the Importance of Early Intervention Incidental learning is the process by which children absorb information from their environment, often without direct instruction. This type of learning is crucial for developing language, social skills, and cognitive abilities. However, children with hearing difficulties may miss out on many of these learning […]

“Will my child be able to keep up in class? Will they make friends? Will they be able to go without me for a longer school day? Will they enjoy school and feel confident to try new things?” These are some of the questions that parents may have as their children near school-going age. Starting […]

One of my first bad memories of primary school was when I was moved from the “A” class to the “C” class because I struggled with numbers. I was by far the best reader in class and finished books way ahead of my peers, but for some reason in this school, my mathematics results were […]

Exams are a significant aspect of your child’s life. Most schools have mid-year exams coming up in the next few weeks. Exams typically create more work for the children, which means more stress, late nights and bad eating habits. Parents may not realise it, but this is a time when they need to take the […]

Imagine your child feeling a surge of pride and connection every time they speak their mother tongue. This is the power of integrating indigenous languages into education – it not only bridges the gap between learning and cultural identity but also enriches the cognitive and emotional development of our children. Sadly, ours is a continent […]

In today’s classroom, students might be as likely to talk about the Elmo Visual Presenter, a computerized digital projector, as Elmo the red, fuzzy and lovable “Sesame Street” character who loves hugs. It’s the digital world they live in, and today’s children are enveloped by it in both their home and school lives. How they […]

Neurodivergent young people often face a range of challenges related to variances in sensory processing. Some students may be hypersensitive, meaning that they take in far more stimuli than other students. For example, they may perceive noises or lights to be excessively bright. Behaviour related to sensory avoidance may arise from this.  Some students, however, […]