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We hear this term so often that is has the danger of becoming meaningless, when in fact it is a critical part of building a trusting and loving relationship between you and your baby. Bonding is the development of an emotional attachment and unconditional love between a parent and baby. It promotes a sense of security and wellbeing, and helps to build confidence, self esteem and trust. Young babies need to feel safe and protected, and you can help with this by cuddling your baby, gazing lovingly at him, and responding to his needs. All of this is what bonding is about.

For a parent, nothing eliminates the burden of entertaining your child more than handing them your smartphone. The issues with this are all too familiar. Impaired vision and potential phone addiction come to mind, but excessive screen time can actually have much deeper, longer-lasting effects. A study by Lancet Child & Adolescent Healthshowed that children who […]

Allergies seem to be on the increase and often parents think their child is allergic to a particular food without a proper diagnosis. It is therefore imperative that a health care provider accurately diagnose a food allergy.

“Core strength” has been a buzz word in the health industry the last few years, but its importance cannot be undermined especially in children. “The core muscles consist of the abdominal, hip and back muscles who work together to stabilize and align the trunk and pelvis during static and dynamic movements,” explains Clamber Club Expert and Biokineticist, Shehnaaz Bhabha.

Knowing how to speak more than one language is a wonderful gift – particularly when living in such a diverse country like South Africa! But how should you go about doing this? Well here are some tips on raising a bilingual child from Clamber Club Expert and Speech and Language Therapist, Savannah Senior: Start early. Children […]

How often have you heard parents say: “My kids differ like day and night.” A detailed elaboration usually follows on the afore-mentioned statement, highlighting not only differences in appearance, but also in personality, behaviour and reactions to the world. Why is it that children from the same biological mother and father can be so different […]

Becoming a parent fills you with so many emotions – joy, happiness, love, apprehension, fear…you name it. When you are in hospital though, you (and baby) are looked after 24/7 by the wonderful nursing staff. They help you feed your baby, swaddle your baby, bath your baby and even put your baby to sleep. Then […]