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We hear time and again how critical play is for the healthy development of our children. Play enables children to learn through their senses, to develop their motor skills and to activate their imaginations. This tree analogy helps us to recognise the importance of play, and the difference we can make to our children’s well-being […]

Children learn best when all their senses are engaged. Learning our shapes can be taught not only through the visual and auditory senses, but also through touch, creativity and movement. Play Dough is a wonderful tactile activity, and a great way to teach little ones their shapes. Below is a great playdough activity as well as some awesome […]

Activities that encourage imagination play a vital role in childhood development at all stages. From birth, children are constantly learning about the world. While senses such as touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight are essential for development, skills such as imagination are also important to help with thinking, spatial awareness, problem-solving, reading, and various other […]

Wondering how to stimulate your baby from the moment he or she arrives in the world? Stimulation plays a crucial role in your baby’s early development. Basic senses such as touch, hearing and talking are especially important at this age. Although over-stimulation is never a good idea, you can gently stimulate your baby in ways […]

As your baby continues to grow, you will start finding new ways to stimulate your baby. From the age of three months, your baby will start to have a better idea of the world around them. They will form deep attachments to parents, smiling and looking directly into your eyes. At this age, babies will […]

Surely, with how the world we live in is changing, and with all of our technological advances, something as old fashioned as nursery rhymes should be a thing of the past? Toddlers now have access to televisions, Ipads, cell phones and YouTube, and some even know how to operate these on their own… should nursery rhymes (which have been around for centuries) be given the boot?

We hear this term so often that is has the danger of becoming meaningless, when in fact it is a critical part of building a trusting and loving relationship between you and your baby. Bonding is the development of an emotional attachment and unconditional love between a parent and baby. It promotes a sense of security and wellbeing, and helps to build confidence, self esteem and trust. Young babies need to feel safe and protected, and you can help with this by cuddling your baby, gazing lovingly at him, and responding to his needs. All of this is what bonding is about.

For a parent, nothing eliminates the burden of entertaining your child more than handing them your smartphone. The issues with this are all too familiar. Impaired vision and potential phone addiction come to mind, but excessive screen time can actually have much deeper, longer-lasting effects. A study by Lancet Child & Adolescent Healthshowed that children who […]