Disabled Parents Author

There’s a reason you need to put your oxygen mask on first on a plane: In the event of a crash, you have to keep your strength to keep taking care of your little ones. That same concept applies to your life as a parent as well. You have to take care of yourself to […]

When you’re told that your child will be born with a mental or physical disability, the news can be crushing and leave you with many doubts. Will you be able to provide for them? Will their childhood be as full of joy as the other kids? Will you have the stamina to carry on when […]

Photo credit Unsplash Preparing for a new baby when you have a disability can be nerve-racking. You may be concerned about navigating feeding time or changing diapers. Toys and other baby items blocking your pathway can be problematic. And how will you navigate to your baby quickly when he cries? Must-Have Items For Every New […]