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Being a parent is challenging enough, but when you’re doing it solo, you have double the time, financial and resource demands. You’re likely reliant on one income, but still have current expenses and concerns, as well as longer-term considerations such as life insurance and education policies. Single parents have little margin for error when it […]

You’re a parent. Got any spare time? No? We didn’t think so. Since we know you’re so busy with kids, school homework, school activities, feeding the family, work, home choewa, traffic, playdates and who knows what else, we decided to create a checklist of the tasks we think are most important for you to tackle […]

The reality is that finances, if not properly managed and understood by each partner, can be a major source of tension in any relationship, and financial stress is one of the leading causes of relationship breakdowns. Have you been postponing the money talk? Feel a bit uncomfortable talking it? It’s probably better to rather talk […]

You’ve made that gift list and checked it twice … and you just can’t see how on earth you will be able to afford it this season. You are literally wishing that Santa could swoop in with his sleigh of toys to help provide for the friends, your family, and your coworkers who expect something […]

We are fast approaching the end of the year  and it’s usually that time of the year we are starting to reflect on 2018 and all it’s ups and downs. Before the craziness of the festive season takes over, it’s good to take this time as an opportunity to also reflect on your financial year […]

Let’s be honest, millennials  continue to and already have changed the world for the better. Those born between roughly around 1981 to 1996 are brilliant, savvy and hard-working people who encourage and challenge  and force change for the better at a level that past generations could never do. They are more connected, grew up with […]

As young parents, we often worry about our kids’ early development. We want to give them the best opportunities possible to assist with development, but we can end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary things trying to achieve this. According to a study done by UNICEF  SA in 2007: “A family provides a […]