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Also known as Postnatal depression, this condition can often be mistaken for something referred to as the ‘ Baby Blues ’. Both of these conditions involve feeling depressed, horrible mood swings and start a few days after giving birth. The difference between Baby Blues and Postpartum depression  As a new mom , the combination of a lifestyle change, lack of […]

You may have heard the terms “skin-to-skin” or “kangaroo care” when it comes to interacting with a newborn baby. It refers to the amazing benefits that have been found when a mother has the opportunity to place their newborn baby skin-to-skin straight after birth. It also refers to skin-to-skin contact during the newborn phase from […]

As parents, it is our job to ensure that our children grow up knowing and practising good manners. It is not always the easiest thing to instil – especially in young toddlers. From birth onwards, it is a child’s instinct to be somewhat selfish in order to self-preserve. Often, from one to two years old, you will find children playing alongside each other as opposed to with each other. It is our responsibility to encourage them to play with each other, share and have good manners. But how do we go about it? The experts say there are three main ways to instill manners from a young age.

Believe it or not, young toddlers use temper tantrums as a way to self-soothe. Temper tantrums are their bodies, and minds, way of dealing with stressful situations. Because a young child has not yet developed the ability to communicate or the means to create their own equilibrium like an adult, what comes out of these situations is a tantrum.

We all hate putting our children through any pain, but when it comes to protecting them from some pretty scary diseases, it is the least we can do for them. Our children are constantly exposed to many different viruses, bacteria, and other microbes from the time they are born. Most are not harmful, some are beneficial, but a few can cause disease. The body’s immune system helps protect us against these harmful infections. When we are exposed to infection, the immune system triggers a series of responses to neutralise the microbes and limit their harmful effects.

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