Myths are widely held beliefs about various issues, including illness and disease. They come about through frequent storytelling and retelling. Dr Themba Hadebe, Clinical Executive at Bonitas Medical Fund, helps debunks myths about monkeypox (mpox).  Myth 1: Mpox (formerly monkeypox) is a new disease created in a lab Fact: The mpox virus was discovered in […]

Imagine a world where children are confined to desks, memorising facts without understanding their real-world applications. The anxiety of test scores and the pressure to conform stifle their creativity and critical thinking. Now, contrast this with an environment where learning is an adventure, where curiosity is the driving force and where children are encouraged to […]

One need only look around you to see how young South Africans exemplify the boundless potential of a future in constant flux and change. As educators, it is our duty to create an environment where every child has the opportunity to maximise their unique potential so that they can affect a brighter future for our […]

Parenting comes with many responsibilities, but none are as important as ensuring the safety and well-being of your child. At Safety 1st South Africa, we understand the various challenges parents face, and we are dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions that bring you peace of mind. From baby safety gates and bedrails to grooming […]

Forgiveness is an important value that helps our children grow into kind and understanding individuals. In South Africa, where we have a beautiful mix of cultures and traditions, teaching forgiveness from a young age can help create a community where everyone feels loved and accepted. What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness means letting go of hurt feelings […]

In an era where flexibility meets academic rigour, Curro Online emerges as a beacon of educational innovation. As parents and guardians, we are constantly seeking educational solutions that prioritise quality, accessibility, and personalisation. Enter Curro Online, where these elements converge seamlessly to redefine the future of online education. IEB examinations: Ensuring high standards  Curro Online […]

Wingu Academy prides itself to meet our Wingu family and our Wingulians’ needs to have flexible schooling and still excel and thrive academically. Following is the account of one of our Wingu parents, Margo Meier’s testimonial of how Wingu was able to provide a stable and structured schooling solution which also affords them the flexibility […]

Introducing Rohto®- The World’s No.1 Eye-care Brand*. In an era dominated by digital screens, where eye discomfort has become a prevalent issue, Rohto® is a world-renowned remedy for tired, strained, and dry eyes. As a leading Eye-care Brand, Rohto® offers a range of quality eye-care products accessible for all. From combating digital eye strain to […]

As you enter week 25 of pregnancy, you will be nearing the end of the second trimester and the start of the third. You may find that your rise in energy levels you felt at the beginning of your second trimester is now beginning to drop. Your baby at week 25 Your baby is now […]