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Play time is so important for our children as a foundation for learning: Here are some tips to encourage meaningful and purposeful play, to maximise your child’s learning opportunities through play: LET YOUR CHILD HAVE SOME UNSTRUCTURED PLAY TIME EVERY DAY – don’t make their days so full of activities that they don’t have any […]

The development of a baby’s memory is also known as Object Permanence and basically means that the baby has developed a memory. This is an extremely important intellectual milestone and can be encouraged in several ways. A small baby sees the world as a mass of images and sensations. When looking at an object, she […]

Process art is all about the experience children have when they are creating.  It is important to let your child explore and be exposed to different mediums when creating art.  These easy to use roller paints are perfect for the young child.  Available in a set of four primary colours in an easy roll on […]

The transition from the womb to the world is a challenging one for your baby. Leaving the consistency and comfort of the womb for the ever-changing, highly-stimulating world can be a big adjustment.  By creating an environment that mimics the womb, one can make that adjustment much easier for your baby. These same principles can […]

We are often asked by moms in our classes – “When do I start to teach my toddler to cut?”   Followed by: “How do I do it? Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hope to answer some of your questions here and put your mind at ease. Cutting is a fine motor skill and hence takes […]

Discipline is essential to the normal, healthy development of any child. Here are a few guidelines to guide your decisions regarding this somewhat controversial issue. Make sure that you and your spouse share the same set of rules regarding discipline. Toddlers quickly learn whom they can manipulate the most.  If your spouse disciplines the child […]

Many years ago, people believed that it was important for all children to be right handed. They used to go as far as tying the left hand behind the child’s back so that she was forced to use only the right hand. As can be imagined this caused enormous problems in the development of naturally […]