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Sensory Integration Difficulties

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The number of children presenting with Sensory Integration Difficulties is increasing significantly. It is important that these difficulties are identified early and dealt with timeously as they have a large impact on a child’s functioning in the classroom, at home and in social settings. 

Common signs to look out for that would indicate there may be Sensory Integration Difficulties:

  • Sensitivity to touch – avoiding any of the following or extreme reactions to them: certain textures of clothes; certain textures of food (and gagging/throwing up when given those textures); hair-cuts and/or brushing; nail-cutting; having their hands messy i.e. avoiding any messy play e.g. playdough, sand play, finger painting etc.
  • Sensitivity to noise– avoiding loud noises and covering their ears e.g. noises like alarms; hair-dryers; hand-dryers; vacuum cleaners; high-pitched screaming or shouting. 
  • Sensitivity to certain food flavours/smells – they will only eat foods that are very bland in flavour e.g. fish fingers; chips; pasta without sauce; dry toast etc. 
  • Sensitivity to movement – they become car sick easily; can’t tolerate backwards movement or being upside down; have a fear of their feet leaving the ground. 
  • Sensitivity to visual stimuli – avoidance of the following: eye-contact; watching a moving object e.g. a ball; bright lights or flickering lights.
  • Seeking out of sensations e.g. swinging/ rocking/ hopping in excess of what would be considered normal; teeth grinding; chewing on objects.
  • Difficulties with self-regulation seen in challenges with sleep; coping with changes in routine; coping with new, unfamiliar environments or unexpected events; 
  • Difficulties with praxis (motor planning): difficulty learning new skills; poor ability to imitate others; poor problem-solving skills.

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