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The continued surge of coronavirus cases in South Africa has many parents rightfully concerned about sending their children back to school. Parents are looking for a safer alternative, and many may now consider homeschooling as a permanent option.  Homeschooling allows you to tailor your child’s learning to suit their individual needs and foster a love […]

Our children have been through a very tough year having to deal with unforeseen circumstances and having to adapt to many changes in their daily lives – without any preparation for it. In this final article for the year, we will be looking at how to build resilience in our children as 2021 is bound […]

(Almost) everyone is familiar with the three R’s of education: reading, ‘riting (writing), and ‘rithmetic (arithmetic). As an undoubtedly challenging year comes to an end; it’s time for home education parents to shift the focus to three different R’s – reflecting, reimagining, and relaxing. Reflect This year presented previously unimaginable challenges to families everywhere. Whether […]

I think we all agree that this year has been the most challenging yet for our children, especially when it comes to their education. It doesn’t matter what grade they are in; they have lost out on so much including socialising, sports and other fun activities. Learning has also been a whole new experience for […]

Coping with emotions is part of life. Everyone feels happy and sad at different times. Feeling sad can be a natural and appropriate response to what is happening in our lives. Time, life changes and the support of those around us help these feelings go away. Depression is when sadness doesn’t go away; when they […]

Much research has been done into how our experiences during childhood shape both our personalities as children and, later in life, as adults. This is an important area of research as it has many implications for parents when it comes to child-rearing, for teachers when it comes to teaching, and for many other people working […]

In an age of materialism and instant gratification, it can be tricky knowing how to reward our children appropriately for a job well done. How do we reward them for tidying their rooms effectively or performing well at a particular task? There are a few ways in which you can reward your child and build […]

University presents learners with a range of challenges whether they will be moving out or staying at home, so prepare well ahead of time to avoid any nasty surprises! When living in residence or off-campus accommodation Living away from home can be nerve-racking for even the most adventurous of learners. Here are some tips on […]

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