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In our previous article, we looked at how to choose a curriculum provider and what Impaq offers in that regard. In this article, we are looking at Impaq as a provider of preference within the community and the home education learning environment.

The Sunday Times article, ‘Sex lessons for modern grade 4s in new life orientation curriculum’ (12 May 2019), drew strong reactions from educators and parents alike. The article discussed the Department of Basic Education’s proposed changes to the content for sex education as part of the life skills curriculum. According to the article, the revised content includes explicit details for learners as young as ten. The department argues that the inclusion of sex education in the curriculum is aligned to UNESCO’s international technical guidance on sexuality education. In response to the article, the Department of Education denied that explicit information will be included in new textbooks.

We’ve all heard the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But recent research shows that that is not the case. In their book Words Can Change Your Brain, Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman write: “A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.” The saying would perhaps then be more accurate if changed to sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can change my brain.

Bullying has three defining characteristics – it is deliberate (a bully intends to hurt someone), it is repeated (the behaviour continues over time), and it is power imbalanced (bullies pick on those they perceive as weaker).  While bullying takes many forms – verbal, physical, emotional – the results are always destructive. Recognising the warning signs is […]

So, you want to know what a typical day is like for a homeschooling family? That’s one of the best things about home education (also known as homeschooling) – there are no typical days! When educating your children at home, a “typical day” is as unique as each of the families choosing this education option.

Learners in the Foundation Phase (Grade R to 3) should be introduced to reading in a fun and engaging way. And, that’s exactly what the Impaq readers do. The books accommodate different levels of reading and allow young learners to join in the adventures of Ben, Lebo and Hanna. The main characters are from different […]

Dené worked hard and obtained her National Senior Certificate through Impaq at the end of 2012. She got accepted to the University of Pretoria and started her BA Drama in 2013. Dené has passed her master’s degree in Drama and Film Studies from UP with distinction – with the feedback that she achieved the highest mark in the department’s history! She shares her advice to current and future Impaq learners, parents, guardians, and tutors:

When your child turns 6 it usually means that it’s their last year in preschool. In a year, your child will need to start primary school, but how do you know that your child will cope with the formal demands of school? Or be able to function to his/her full potential? As a parent, you may have lots of questions about this new phase in your child’s life. You would want to know that your child is ready to start their learning journey. If your child is not ready, it could influence his/her academic performance.

Home education (or homeschooling) helps learners prepare for the real world as homeschool learners learn the art of self-study. Ravon Venter, an Impaq alumnus, says that studying through Impaq helped him develop better self-discipline. He also credits Impaq with giving him the qualifications he needed to find a job he is passionate about.

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