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Home education (or homeschooling) helps learners prepare for the real world as homeschool learners learn the art of self-study. Ravon Venter, an Impaq alumnus, says that studying through Impaq helped him develop better self-discipline. He also credits Impaq with giving him the qualifications he needed to find a job he is passionate about.

In the previous articles I have spoken about the ADD/ADHD child but what about the parents? As the last of these articles, it is important to talk about parents of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is hard work having an ADHD child and few parents who do not have one understand and recognise this. ADHD children can impact hugely on family dynamics and the parental relationship.

This time of the year Grade 9 learners need to make their subject selections for next year, but parents often do not know how to guide them. Educational psychologist, Lizette Erasmus, share some insightful guidelines on subject selections and how they will guide your child’s career choices in South Africa.

As tourism is such an integral part of any country’s marketing strategy, it has become vital to offer it as part of our learning package. Not only do learners discover the “treasures” of our country, but also how to manage and use these “treasures” responsibly to the benefit of all. Tourism teaches learners to promote South Africa locally and internationally, and to ensure that tourists experience, appreciate and value our country.

The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever before. Shifts in economies and the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution leave parents anxious about their child’s future. This anxiety can often lead to frustration and conflict in the parent-child relationship, which seems to exacerbate both party’s concerns. From a career counselling perspective, here are three reasons why I believe it may be unfair for your child to commit to a career in high school.

So far, I have written about some of the difficulties experienced in raising and parenting one’s ADHD/ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/attention deficit disorder) child. Right now, it’s time to look at the many positives that ADHD children have – but please bear in mind that every child is different – they may all have the […]

The school report can elicit many feelings among parents and students; feelings of failure or feelings of achievement. As an educational psychologist, I often get asked the question: “How should I respond to my child’s school report?”. Carol Dweck’s work on how praise impacts a child’s academic performance has a fascinating answer to this question: […]

The June Examination might already be underway but that does not mean that you can’t still ace your Physical Sciences exam. The affordable Quanta Book series for Grade 10 to 12 learners makes Physical Sciences interesting and fun! The preparation books, available in English and Afrikaans, contain bite-sized explanations that are easy to understand, and to-the-point summaries enriched with hints and tips. The books also come with DVDs containing cartoons, animations and demonstrations to help you visualise difficult concepts.

“I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.” Whitney Houston We all have a need for recognition. No matter how big or how small, the words “well done” makes anyone feel proud of themselves. Unfortunately, the opposite is also […]

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