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Giving your child her own microscope might not be something you’ve ever considered. First of all, a microscope is a delicate instrument, more suited to a laboratory than a child’s bedroom. Then there’s the cost; a microscope can cost several thousand rand and requires specific maintenance. It’s also not portable, meaning that samples must be […]

Parents and caregivers need plenty of ideas to keep kids entertained throughout the holiday. If you have access to a basic microscope such as a Foldscope, these fun exploration activities will not only keep the kids occupied, but they will be learning at the same time! To start, you will need a light microscope, microscope […]

It fosters independent learning Several studies have documented the benefits of independent learning and its impact on academic and career success. A Foldscope allows a child to immerse herself in science according to her interests. Using a Foldscope illustrates that learning without intervention from teachers or parents can be an exciting adventure. It stimulates curiosity […]

A paper microscope that will change the way children learn about science. As a rule, microscopes are expensive, delicate instruments. Certainly not a suitable toy for an eight-year-old and probably the last thing parents would think of giving to a child. But what about a microscope made from paper that costs around R40? A microscope […]