We are often asked by moms in our classes – “When do I start to teach my toddler to cut?”   Followed by: “How do I do it? Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hope to answer some of your questions here and put your mind at ease. Cutting is a fine motor skill and hence takes […]

New from Chicco and new to South Africa, the Easy Fit Baby Sling is the simple and intuitive pouch that is worn like a shirt and perfectly adapted to the parents and the child, accompanying them during their physiological growth path.  Ideal from the earliest days of life thanks to the wide and ergonomic seat, […]

Now in South Africa on an even bigger scale, the world-famous Italian baby products Chicco bring you the fantastic Ultra Soft Baby Carrier.  A 2-in1 system, the carrier allows your child to face inwards towards the parent for comfort, or outward to face the wide world and explore. Made with a soft, mini-vented lining, mesh […]

Chicco car seats are known for being some of the most high quality, yet affordable car seats in the world.  As from January 2019, Chicco will now have a range of car seats, baby nursery furniture, strollers, travel systems and other indoor necessities never before seen in SA. One of the best priced car seats […]

Camp is a great place for children to get some much-needed time out from mom and dad and form relationships with other authoritative, yet not as threatening, figures: camp counselors. The role of a counselor is not only being of a guardian and caretaker, but a friend as well. Camper- counselor relationships provide long-lasting values for both […]

The Boppy Pillow from Chicco is a revolutionary product that has taken the world by storm – not just for its innovation, but for the outstanding quality that sets it apart from its many copycats. The Boppy is the ideal support for mum and baby during breastfeeding. Thanks to its unique features and the special […]

If you always thought that mathematics only revolved around numbers, think again! “There is a myriad of concepts that can help to prepare your child for school related mathematics,” says Liz Senior, Founder of Clamber Club and Occupational Therapist. “Pre-arithmetic readiness includes memory and sequencing abilities, the ability to understand shape, form and volume,” explains […]

As parents we spend the first year worrying about our children becoming actively mobile and then generally secondly worrying about their language development or lack thereof.  In most cases there is no need to worry.  The vast majority of children learn language without a problem.  Language or the ability to use language has its own […]

Music in its basic form – rhythm and melody – stimulates brain activity (the release of neurons) in a child’s left and right side of the brain. For example, when a child thinks or talks about the sounds they hear, they only use the left side of their brain. However, when a child engages in […]

The truth is that a woman should not travel much when pregnant. It is time to stay close to home for maximum rest and mild exercise. However, traveling could be inevitable during pregnancy. Whether it is a one-time trip or regular travel at this delicate time for a woman, maximum caution will prevent numerous health […]

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