Mia Von Scha Author

We all have times where we favour one child over another. Children go through different phases and some of these can be extremely challenging. It is easier to get on with and ‘like’ the child not going through a difficult phase or one who has a naturally more cooperative temperament. These are usually transitory fluctuations […]

My children simply did not fit into the mainstream schooling system. They’re both very bright and along with that come some eccentricities that often get  labelled as problems within a very structured environment where children are expected to be alike, fit within the system and not stand out or cause waves. My ten year old […]

I have a friend who used to work at the BBC going through the raw footage of all the horrors happening around the world and picking out the bits that were acceptable for the public to see. Her job was intense, but she was ok with it… until she became pregnant. There is something about […]

Even though 6 months have passed since our courts made it illegal to spank your child, there are still parents struggling with this restriction on their ability to discipline their kids. Many still believe that some children need a good spanking in order to get through to them. What alternatives are there for a parent […]

I realize that parents are frustrated with a lack of options with regards to disciplining their children. First we’re told no spanking, then no naughty corners, what next? What I’m hoping to do here is to help you to see that us parent-educators are not trying to limit your options but rather to give you […]

There are many trends in parenting styles that change from decade to decade or even year to year – helicopter parenting, tiger parenting, respectful parenting, attachment parenting… So which one is best? Is there one that is better than others or does it depend on your personal preference? The jury is in on this one […]

I’m no stranger to depression. From as far back as I can remember I’ve had bouts of it, some severe, some just dragging out like a rainy British summer. So when I read about PND in a pregnancy book I felt sure that I would recognise it if it hit me. I didn’t. The first […]

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