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Although some might view arts education as a luxury, creative expression is in fact a prime basic building block of healthy, well-rounded education in the early years. Learning to create & express is greatly beneficial to all children.  Benefits of Performance Arts  Motor skills: Many of the motions involved in dancing and gymnastics constitutes the […]

As technological advancements have swept through classrooms in the last decade, the way in which children are taught has changed, shifting towards a modernized approach. At Capriccio! Arts Powered Schools, we acknowledge the numerous benefits of technology in the classroom and create a pro-tech learning environment. We are however of the opinion that value-based learning […]

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” At Capriccio! Arts Powered Pre-school and Preparatory we have taken this to heart and designed a unique, innovative curriculum which focuses on equipping our learners for the future by integrating global education trends into the framework of […]

Preparing to take the next steps in your little one’s learning journey can be extremely daunting. The gap between Grade R and Grade 1 is ever increasing and finding a school that facilitates your child’s individual growth, rather than promoting conformity, is no small task.   At Capriccio! Arts Powered Schools, we realized the demand […]

What are the benefits of sensory play? Sensory activities engage a little one’s senses and as such are an excellent addition to any classroom or home environment. Children explore the world by means of their senses,  providing them with sensory outlets  can help them better understand their world.  Research has shown that engaging in sensory […]

Who Are We? Capriccio! Arts Powered Pre-School is a registered Montessori inspired ECD independent school in Milnerton. The Italian wordcapriccio has two interpretations: A lively piece of music; short and free in form. A painting or work of art representing a fantasy or a mixture of real and imaginary features. Both of the above interpretations […]