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The baby books have been read and now neatly stored on the book shelf. The baby showers are over and the initial panic has subsided…sort of. In the middle of the emotions that you go through as you welcome your new addition to the family, certain things need a special mention… Take deep breaths. Life […]

Metabolic syndrome is a health condition that everyone’s talking about. Although it was only identified less than 20 years ago, metabolic syndrome is as widespread as pimples and the common cold. It is estimated that around 20-25 per cent of the world’s adult population have metabolic syndrome. Indeed, metabolic syndrome seems to be a condition […]

By Juazel de Villiers (née Pieterse), Clinical Psychologist Technology has become integrated in our daily lives, it has grown to be our means of communication, socialising, planning and working. However, it is important not to become desensitized to the effect technology or ‘screen time’ can have on our family, and especially our children. Screen time […]

(All information was obtained from Stark – Griffin’s book Dyslexia) Definition of dyslexia – A neurological-functional problem manifesting as a deficit in word decoding (reading), encoding (spelling) and nemkinesia (writing) due to a minimal brain dysfunction and/or differential brain function. More use full information regrading dyslexia Eidetic: give meaning to text in general and recognising words […]

There is such a sense of joy, warmth and togetherness that comes when we read with our children. It is a time when we can cuddle up together and let our minds float to the places the story takes us. This is a time for bonding with your child; a time when you are both […]

There were two important educational issues in the local and international spotlight during September and October 2016: Literacy Day, observed on 8 September 2016, and Dyslexia Awareness Month, which is observed annually during October. In support of Dyslexia Awareness Month, Edublox reading, maths and learning clinic examines the surprising root cause of dyslexia and shares […]

Packing correctly for camp is actually one of the most significant things that will determine whether your child’s camping experience is enjoyable or not. It’s all about getting the essentials right. Packing for your child’s holiday camp can really become a complicated task if you don’t know what to expect. It’s sometimes difficult to get […]

Klinefelters syndrome (KS) is not as rare as one may think, it is not life threatening but has life altering consequences. About one in 500 boys are born with an extra X chromosome, this affects learning, behaviour and growth. This was identified in 1942 by Dr Harry Klinefelter who was working with male patients at […]