Dr Gerald B Kaplan Author

Teething is a painful experience not only for the young child but certainly for the parents who have to endure watching the agony and helping to provide relief. One feel so helpless trying to relieve their pain and having to endure those awful sleepless nights. They are many housewives remedies to see one through the […]

Your child’s introduction to oral care should actually begin soon after birth. By gently cleaning a baby’s gums after feeding with a soft, damp washcloth, parents can get the child accustomed to oral hygiene which is an important, everyday routine. Your child’s first dental visit is as important as those first words or first steps; […]

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Why do so many people suffer during their lifetime with dental issues? Why do people lose some of their teeth or all their teeth during their lifetime? We as health professionals have an obligation to help people become aware of how precious teeth are and how important it […]

I was asked recently to present a talk to nursery school parents about how to look after their children’s teeth. You may wonder why a specialist prosthodontist who is trained to treat advanced restorative problems in patients that have very broken down mouths was so excited to talk to a group of young parents? The […]

A specialist prosthodontist is trained to treat adults who present with severe dental problems. Restoring a broken down mouth back to good health is a major challenge and oftentimes very costly in terms of time and effort and expense. Patients want to regain their lost dental health. They are looking for the ability to eat […]

If you think about it, the comment, “I will wait until it breaks”, is completely illogical. It doesn’t make any sense. See, not long ago I noticed low tire pressure in one of my tires, so I prayed all the way to the tyre fitment centre, hoping to arrive without incident. I made it! After […]

It is possible for children to reach adulthood without ever experiencing tooth decay. But  to ensure this, good oral health should begin in infancy. Parents must provide this care in their  child’s early years. Later, parents will need to instruct, monitor and motivate the children to maintain good oral health habits. Children learn healthy practices […]