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7 Benefits of Working as a Camp Counselor

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Not all people were made to sit behind a desk, or in front of a computer screen all day. Working as a camp counselor is a perfect fit for young adults who prefer being hands on in a casual and dynamic working environment.

A camp counselor is a young adult between the ages of 18 and 28 assigned to supervise a group of children at a holiday camp. The roles of a camp counselor include supervision, leadership, ensuring the children’s well-being and safety and making their camp experience as fun and rewarding as possible.

If earning an income in a fun, outdoor environment isn’t a good enough reason, then here are seven more long-term benefits to working as a camp counselor:

1. Food and lodging are usually included.

Many holiday camps offer accommodation and/or meals as part of the standard job package on top of the basic wage. This structure is perfect for students who are looking to make some extra spending money without having to worry about grocery or rent bills.

2. Meet new people.

While living in the digs-style accommodation, counselors will undoubtedly meet new people from all over the country and the world. Some counselors only work during their university vacations or when they need extra cash, and others make a career of it and stay for years. There will always be a continuous cycle of new faces to meet and get to know. Some best friends and even married couples have met while working at camp.

3. Improve your fitness.

Looking after children is a full time job, even more so at camp. Counselors are expected to instruct and participate in the camp’s activities and program with the children. Therefore, you can expect to always be engaged in some fun form of exercise, whether it’s swimming, surfing, rock wall climbing, playing paintball and a whole lot more.

4. Disconnect.

Camps are usually a technology-free zone for children and counselors (during working hours). This allows you to fully enjoy and be present in every moment of your day without the distractions that come with cellphones etc. This in itself can be revitalising, because it allows you to reflect in your quiet times and then build strong interpersonal relationships during your busy times of face-to-face interactions.

5. Learn new and valuable skills.

There are many valuable skills to be learned while working as a camp counselor. Some of which include Emergency First Aid, basic life guarding, public speaking, teaching, leadership and team work. On top of these, counselors can also learn to master and then become an instructor in a new activity like surfing, yoga, rock wall climbing, stand-up paddle boarding etc. There are many opportunities for both professional and personal growth at camp.

6.    Make a difference.

Many people often leave their everyday corporate jobs to pursue one simple, yet significant desire – the chance to make a difference either in the lives of people or in the world in general. This is why many people who are passionate about children choose to become camp counselors. A camp counselor from Sugar Bay Holiday Camp, describes his personal experience:

“Coming to camp as a kid changed me from being a shy, introverted child to a highly energetic and friendly person. Sugar Bay had turned into my second home and family. [As a counselor] I was given the chance to be a role model to many kids who need the motivation to be better and make them happier and more confident. This itself fills me with joy.”

7.    Build your resume.

Employers often seek employees who are great communicators, life-long learners, leaders, team players and creative thinkers. Fortunately, these are some of the primary qualities of camp counselors. The work experience gained at a holiday camp like Sugar Bay will open up doors at international summer camps, au pairing agencies and careers related to fields in education, social work, child psychology and sports.

If you’re passionate about kids and have an interest in working as a camp counselor, give Sugar Bay Holiday Camp a call on 032 485 3097. Ask to speak to the Head Counselor, Tape, who will happily give you more details and answer your questions.

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