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When a child suffers from low self-esteem, it will almost always carry on into their adulthood if not addressed. Simple things such as meeting new people can be very difficult, as well as taking on challenges, valuing their own opinion and much more. It is so important for parents to understand just how crucial healthy […]

I’ve done a fair bit of grief counselling over my time since internship until now and one thing has always struck me as a significant reflection after each such session: We are often so unprepared to deal with death, especially the first time around and even more so when it strikes without advanced warning. This […]

Recently, I reviewed an article I found online after a very serious discussion evolved from one of my lectures with some B.A. students, about the way others can activate our emotional response. What follows is a summary of the essence of this train of thought and I find it unendingly useful. Have you ever blamed […]

A short time ago, I attended a weekend seminar that introduced myself and several notable psychologists and psychiatrists to an emerging therapeutic technique with thus far, amazing results. BWRT is the acronym for Brain-Working Recursive Therapy and I’d like to tell you a little about this potentially life-changing approach to modern therapy. Brain Working Recursive […]

Speak to other parents: Leading up to the birth of my child, there was much in the way of warnings and serious advice to the tune of “You’d best start getting your sleep in now” and “Oh boy, your life is over!” I can recall turning to a colleague who gave warnings in this vein […]

“There was no conflict, when you pushed and I lay down. There was no argument when you took and I gave. There was no battle when you always won at my loss. We could not collide when I chose to give way. There is never a contest between giver and taker. We could have stood […]

The prospect of finishing high school and starting tertiary education is a daunting one for many students. They’re forced to leave the friends, teachers and surroundings they have spent years with for a whole new environment. Although this can be a little overwhelming, it can also be an exciting and rewarding time. If your child […]

Let me begin with a flaming neon disclaimer. This is something of an opinion piece and needs be taken in such a light. Much of my experience comes vicariously through the clients who come to see me and to a similar extent through being exposed to various sectors of society in the other aspects of […]

How many of us can truly say they remember just what it was like to be a teenager? Like a severe trauma that lasts years, as we get older, we start to distance ourselves from it out of necessity. It becomes something we remember fondly, yet not fully. Perhaps with good reason… To feel misunderstood, […]