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The Festive Season is upon us. And this year, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will not only be spoilt for choice, they’ll probably remember some of the toys from their own childhood. Nostalgia toys continue to make a serious comeback, together with collectibles and toys that incorporate robotics and technology. This Festive Season there is […]

 Leading toy importer and distributor Prima Toys recently launched their very own unboxing videos. The series is called ‘The Very Serious Toy Show’ and features professionally created video content that is adding an extra touch point within the brand’s over-arching marketing strategy. So far the series of videos hosted on YouTube is proving to be […]

It looks like a chick, sounds like a chick, hops like a chick and even hatches like a chick. Is it a chick? Unpack it and see. As part of the Little Live Pets family, the Surprise Chicks are the latest offering from this innovative brand that brings you the most realistic toy pets to […]

Leapfrog is a leader in bringing you toys that are both educational, relevant and fun. With the ethos that playing is learning, every product is designed with the child in mind. Different ages need different stimulation, so each and every Leapfrog product is created for a specific age group and their needs. My Pal Scout […]

Anyone would be forgiven for viewing toys as simply special occasion gifts that offer a temporary distraction for our children, or as objects that entertain our little ones while we busy ourselves with other grown up duties. Yet beyond this, toys open up a whole world of learning opportunities for our kids. Playing with toys […]

Sofia the First has become a firm favourite for little girls, especially those aged three years and older. Sofia the First is the Disney Channel series which follows the life of Sofia, a regular girl whose life is changed when her mom marries a king. Sofia adjusts to the life of a princess and has […]

Little Tikes is a range of toys for indoor and outdoor play that will entertain your child while helping them to develop their mind and imagination. Little Tikes is committed to making safe, quality and durable fun toys for children across a variety of age groups, from baby to toddler to older children. The toys […]

Finally, your child can read. For parent, teacher and child, the process of learning to read, of understanding sounds and knowing the alphabet is a pivotal and exciting one. The process is pivotal as it is the foundation for a lifetime of reading, writing and understanding. The ability to read and write provides the foundation […]