Hilary Smith Author

It’s no great secret that we want to keep our kids safe and raise them in a supportive environment. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Our sons and daughters are growing up in a world that is full of lurking threats that range from anywhere from predators to cyberbullies. These pitfalls make our parenting […]

As parents, getting our sons and daughters out the door every morning can be a monumental task. Whether it is getting them to eat their breakfast, tie their shoes, find their homework, or brush their teeth, something inevitably goes wrong. However, by taking a few minutes everyday to teach our kids yoga, we can help […]

Do you remember gathering all the baby books and magazines you could find to read up on how to care for your baby and toddlers? The library and bookstore shelves were stuffed full of the newest feeding methods and sleeping approaches. We poured over every detail from burping techniques to swaddling methods, but what we […]