The Don Father Author

In that moment, when this little life first comes into the world, you can’t help but become emotional. I cried big tears; I was overwhelmed with love and pride. The kind of pride that only jumps into your body the second your child is born, and it’s this newfound pride that stays with you from then onwards. “Dads, you are hugely influential in the eyes of your children. Don’t be content with the fact that you’re simply a dad. Instead, challenge yourself to become a dad who is a force in the lives of your wife and children.”

The baby books have been read and now neatly stored on the book shelf. The baby showers are over and the initial panic has subsided…sort of. In the middle of the emotions that you go through as you welcome your new addition to the family, certain things need a special mention… Take deep breaths. Life […]

The detached dad, turning up his nose at parenting duties has changed dramatically over the years. Do you even get dad’s like this these days? In a recent study which surveyed 3,881 fathers across America who lived at home with their families. 90% of 1,790 men with children aged under five, said they took on […]