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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) is highlighting Teen Suicide Prevention Week (11-18 February) to help parents, teachers and loved ones with tips and information to talk about Teen Depression and Suicide Prevention to their teens. 1 in 4 South African teens have attempted suicide, talking to teens about depression and suicide can […]

A moderate amount of stress can be a good thing.  It can sharpen concentration and performance and help to create the energy and motivation we need to keep studying.  Too much stress, however, can be overwhelming and stop us from being able to study and function healthily in life.  Undoubtedly, it would be disappointing if […]

The realities of teen loneliness, depression and suicide attempts in South Africa By Janine Shamos “There’s no point to this hell called life is there? It never gets better! No-one understands how I feel. They think I’m making it up – just being dramatic and looking for attention. I’ve had enough…”For many teens suffering from […]

by Stephanie Harel “For 2 years, Johnny, a quiet 13-year-old boy was a human play-thing for some of his classmates. The teenagers badgered Johnny for money, forced him to swallow weeds and drink milk mixed with detergent, beat him up in the restroom and tied a string around his neck, leading him around as a […]