Monthly Archives: January 2022

SAMA-nominated hitmaker, Majozi, takes to the stage in SA education this year as Koa Academy’s Head of Culture. Appreciated for his warmth and humanity, we sat down with Majozi so that SA parents can get to know him better: What was your favourite subject in school, and why? “It was history. The other subjects didn’t […]

Are you one of those parents who have been toying with the idea of homeschooling your child? You want to do it…but you don’t want to do it! You find yourself wishing you were a fly on the wall in your colleague or friends’ house to see what homeschooling is really like and how it […]

Learner well-being is a core focus area for Wingu Academy, especially due to the increase in mental health awareness in the online environment.  In fact, Wingu Academy takes this so seriously that they have a dedicated wellness hub, called Wingu Wellness. The vision is to collaborate with students, guardians, and parents, as well as the […]

When selecting that very first toothbrush for newly sprouting teeth, certain factors need to come into play: Soft bristles for delicate gums Small head for little mouths Handle with grip for a non-slip brush Chicco’s manual and electric toothbrushes offer the best solution for early dental development. Whether little ones are still learning the movements […]

Your baby’s health during your pregnancy solely depends on you – what and when you consume is important to both of you. Intermittent fasting is a diet that many turn to to lose weight and improve health. This is a time restricted form of fasting and you may wonder if it’s healthy to keep up […]

The world can be a busy and distracting place, lucky for us techniques and strategies like time blocking, timeboxing and task batching exists to help find calm amid the chaos and accelerate our productivity. Time blocking? Surely the average to-do list with a few boxes to tick would suffice. Time blocking is almost like a […]

A lot of our children, especially teenagers, are jumping over to Telegram as their messaging app of choice. When their friends join another chat app, they know that they may be left out unless they use that app too. We tested using Telegram to explore what our teenagers will experience and to determine if there […]

The traditionally slow-moving education sector has been rocked by the global pandemic, setting in motion changes, that many education professionals believe are long overdue.  There’s been a massive uptake of EdTech tools and online education platforms.  At first, this was in the effort to ensure continuity in learners’ and students’ education during lockdowns.  However, schools, […]

Waves of Covid-19 and the emerging variants meant that several elective surgeries were postponed to minimise the use of hospital beds and to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus.  As the number of infections decrease, surgeons and hospitals are catching up on the backlog of elective surgeries.  So, what exactly is elective surgery? It does […]