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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back to School

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Try to think back to when you were a kid. The prospect of going back to school probably wasn’t the most exciting thought for younger you. Even if you did look forward to heading back to school, it probably had more to do with catching up with your friends than spending most of your day in a classroom. And there’s a good chance your kid feels the same way.

If the thought of HB pencils and homework puts your kids to sleep quicker than a bedtime story, there are a few ideas to get them excited about back-to-school season.

Get Some Blinged-out Stationery 

Kids love cartoons, and that love can be leveraged to get them interested in things that would otherwise bore them. That’s where stationery comes in. Instead of stocking up on the typical stationery brands, get your hands on school supplies that feature their favourite animated characters. Is your kid a PAW Patrol fan? Then you’re in luck! You can get collectable PAW Patrol stationery with every Wimpy Kids’ Combo Meal. Head to a Wimpy near you to start your kid’s collection.

Plan Something Memorable for Their First Day

Make sure the first day of school starts with lots of fanfare. Prepare their favourite breakfast treat or treat them to lunch after their first day of school. It could be the start of a wonderful tradition—and a great way to take the sting out of a new year.

Get Creative with Their Lunch

A brown-bagged sandwich is okay, but why go with just okay when you can have extraordinary. For the first day of school, treat your kids to a lunch they won’t forget. You don’t even have to prepare it yourself. Order something light and lekker like a toasted sandwich from Wimpy to enjoy at break time.

Give Them a Goodie Bag 

Ever heard of Schultüte? It’s an age-old German tradition that’s gotten a lot of kids through the first day of school. Schultüte means ‘school cone’, but it has very little to do with ice cream. The large and embellished cone is a gift given to children on the first day of school, and it’s filled with stationery and special treats. If that sounds like something your kid will enjoy, grab some colourful poster board, shape it into a cone, fill it with sweet treats and their new Wimpy PAW Patrol stationery. 

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

If your kid isn’t keen on going back to school, allowing them to voice their frustration can go a long way. Before convincing them of the importance of school, just let them get their thoughts off their chest without any interruption. They’ll eventually come around to the idea of school, but for now, just let them vent. 

It’s common for kids to describe school as boring. If they’re not thrilled by the idea of returning to school, there’s plenty you can do to get them onboard about back-to-school season.

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