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With the changes that we have all faced over the last seventeen months, now more than ever before, parents find themselves having to manage their children’s virtual and or home-based education. Despite the many benefits of homeschooling, at-home learning can be challenging for both parents and students. Challenges like creating order and structure in a […]

Independent learning creates independent learners. Most of us have been raised in a traditional school system, where our learning was mainly from textbooks, workbooks, and the blackboard. We were bored and unmotivated most of the time, we wished we didn’t have to be stuck in the classroom listening to one person tell us about subjects […]

Perhaps we can find a hidden blessing in the current pandemic crisis that we are all experiencing. Our schools have been shutting down for lengthy periods and have allowed many parents to consider alternate methods of education.  The problem with mainstream or traditional schooling is systemic: it is a system that, at best, is designed […]

Traditional approaches to education are no longer relevant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the pace of change accelerating in the 21st century, a key requirement to thrive is lifelong learning and the ability to acquire new skills quickly.  How can “learning to learn” and the ability to be continually reinventing oneself […]

In an age where more students are receiving an education and graduating than ever before it is interesting to take note that education is finally evolving into something far more exciting. Along with the education of teachers, learning tools and teaching techniques have also changed significantly with the digital revolution. There is finally a drive […]

The socialisation myth was born out of a misconception of what it means to be homeschooled. Many critics, educators, and parents still believe that homeschoolers hit the books at 9 am do schoolwork until 4 pm, and spend the entire day alone and isolated from the rest of the world. This notion, of course, is […]

Are you one of those parents who have been toying with the idea of homeschooling your child? You want to do it…but you don’t want to do it! You find yourself wishing you were a fly on the wall in your colleague or friends’ house to see what homeschooling is really like and how it […]

Thinking about homeschooling your kids? Or perhaps you have already made the decision to homeschool? This could be due to various reasons, some of which may include wanting to remove your kids from a negative school environment, to protect them from bullying or giving them the freedom to learn in a progressive way that may […]

Researchers worldwide, forecast that home-schooling will balloon over the next decade as families discover that there are vastly better alternatives to public or private schooling such as home-schooling and more importantly as far as Syllabis is concerned, independent learning at home. The core idea of home-schooling is the idea that children need to learn at […]