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How to Adjust from Traditional school to Independent Learning

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Thinking about making a change to your child’s method of education? Or perhaps you have already decided to change to homeschooling, or what we prefer to call Independent Learning? This could be due to various reasons, some of which may include wanting to remove your kids from a negative school environment, to protect them from bullying, or giving them the freedom to learn in a progressive way that may be more appropriate for them. An environment where creativity is nurtured and celebrated, a method of schooling that better prepares your child for his or her future.

Let us offer you peace of mind as you transition to what we believe to be a brilliant way to educate your kids. Here are some valuable tips to ease the transition from traditional school to Independent Learning:

1. Include your kids in the conversation 

Talk about this decision with your whole family, share your goals with your children and listen to their excitement and concerns. Identify what your education goals are, and the endless possibilities you can achieve by them learning independently.

2. Legalities

Homeschooling is legal in South Africa and only grade1 to 9 are required to be registered for homeschooling with the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Withdrawing your child from school and registering him or her as a homeschooler with the DBE is a relatively easy process and a Syllabis consultant will guide and help you with all the necessary steps once you have purchased a Syllabis curriculum.

3. Try not to mimic school at home

Trying to recreate the school environment for your child is a trap that many parents easily fall into. Consider this in your schedule or approach and try not to separate your role of teacher and parent. It helps to integrate your learning and teaching into your parenting and lifestyle.

4. Give yourself time to adjust and de-school

Realize that it may take some time for your children to find their feet so give them some room to breathe. Every child is different so make decisions and schedules that fit with your child’s needs. Some kids take a few weeks to adjust, and some may take a few months, try enjoying being together as a family again and work slowly into new routines.

5. Set up a daily schedule

You will want to create a basic schedule for your new homeschool day. Having a basic plan in writing will aid in the transition process. It will also help you stay on track and feel like you are getting the necessary things accomplished. Even if you do not stick to your schedule like glue, having something basic in writing will greatly aid your organization. 

6. Decrease the time spent in “official” school

Mainstream school requires 6-8 hours of schooling while if your child focuses, he or she will soon realize that school can be done in 2-3 hours a day, leaving hours to be spent doing extra-curricular activities or spending time on hobbies or playing.

7. Increase the breaks in-between subjects

Who says school must take place in 8 hours? A lot of independent learners have found shorter study times, interspersed by frequent breaks, can boost productivity. 

8. Adapt as you go

Observe your family as you go and continue to adjust to what works best for you. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about your children’s personalities and abilities and how best they learn. 

9. Sign up for extra-curricular activities

Sign up for sporting and extra-curricular activities, to stay active and social. We can aid with extra-curricular activities like Online Music School, Life Coaching, English Pronunciation and Reading Skills program, Golf instruction, Marshall Arts, video Gaming, 3D Printing, Medical School, and Driving School.

10. Take advantage of a support network

While you are transitioning from traditional school to homeschool you may have questions, take advantage of the support your curriculum provider provides. Syllabis will guide you through the full transition and provide in-depth support and guidance.

One of the fundamental services we offer is our tutoring service- Syllabis Tutoring has been a leading provider of tutoring services in South Africa since 2014. While our focus at that time was 1 on 1 personalised tutoring, we have expanded to offer the following products and services around tutoring:

  • 1 on 1 in-person tutoring
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Independent Learning teaches learners to become independent and allows them the space to become more creative thinkers and doers. It gives them the freedom to learn by their own rules and work by their own schedule, as well as the freedom to soar ahead academically!

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