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Road traffic injuries are the 4th leading cause of injury in children and account for 12% of all injuries. In 2020, 677 children were treated for traffic related injuries at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Trauma Unit, down from 769 in 2019. Passenger injuries were 22% of traffic injuries. Of the child passengers treated, […]

From the moment a baby starts to crawl, the world is a magical place filled with new adventures and discoveries. From their perspective, everything is a potential mountain to climb (that giant bookshelf), obstacle to overcome (those pesky stairs) or mysterious place to investigate (anywhere beyond the safety gate). Little bumps will happen, but ChildSafe […]

A small child exposed to a potentially poisonous substance causes great anxiety in parents. In South Africa, just under half of the calls to the Poisons Information Helpline relate to accidental poisoning in children under the age of 5 years. Fortunately, accidental poisoning is seldom fatal; childhood poisoning contributed only 0.21% global deaths in children […]

Young children can be burnt very quickly, and this often happens when an adult is present, so it is important to be alert. An electrical burn happens when a child touches or comes into contact with an electric current. The current passes through the child’s body and can damage organs and tissues. Damage can be […]

Every 3 days a child is treated for serious dog bites. In 2020, 107 children were treated for dog bites and these children were between the ages of 5 and 12 years. During this month of April ChildSafe is encouraging all parents and dog owners to be aware of the risks involved with dog bites […]