The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is more than just a catchy buzzword. To understand this term, it is necessary to look at the origins and outcomes of the preceding industrial revolutions, as these set the foundation for the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution (1760-1840) was brought about by the invention […]

Wingu Academy, online homeschooling curricula provider, raised an amazing R30 000 during a nail-biting one-hour live art auction on Thursday night, 7 October via Zoom. All the money raised will be donated by Wingu Academy towards Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) Anti-poaching Canine Conservation Unit. This initiative by EWT provides trained detection and tracking canines to the […]

The money raised by Wingu Academy and Mahala Loyalty during Mandela Month towards the Umma Afrika Charity Trust was donated to Bok van Blerk’s Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation to support families in need. The initial aim was to raise R6 700 between 16 – 30 July 2021, but the Back-a-buddy initiative raised over R7 000! Through […]

Eating disorders is one subject that is very important to address, especially since it usually has its onset during the teenage years but can even develop at a younger age and continue well into the adolescent years. Eating disorders can cause a lot of conflict, stress and even death in families and thus it’s important […]

Student well-being is a core focus area for Wingu Academy, especially due to the increase in mental health awareness in the online environment.  In fact, Wingu Academy takes this so seriously that they have a dedicated wellness hub, called Wingu Wellness. The vision is to collaborate with students, guardians, and parents, as well as the […]

Due to the global pandemic and the subsequent disruptions in the traditional schooling environment, home-schooling, and specifically online schooling, has seen a significant rise. With the concern for their children’s health, coupled with the flexibility and convenience that online home-schooling offers, it has become a viable option for many parents. Wingu Academy arguably has the […]

Stress, anxiousness, depression and loneliness are now even more prevalent under teens and young adults than ever before. No one really knows the root cause, but it seems to be a perfect storm of several factors. Some experts believe teens now are being raised with unrealistic expectations. Modern media — and social media — also […]

Safety can take many forms – from physical and emotional to psychological. Your child’s perception of safety, or the lack thereof, can greatly affect how and what your child learns. Therefor it’s pivotal to create a safe and positive environment for learning at home, especially in a home-based learning setting. According to a recent paper […]

We all experience moments of feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  Teenagers, especially, feel under pressure which could be caused by deadlines, exams or conflict with fellow students and parents. That’s normal. Anxiety though, is a whole different matter all-together.  Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two, as the lines can easily be blurred. So, what […]

The on-going Covid pandemic has changed the schooling landscape in South Africa completely, especially the traditional schooling environment.  With very little notice, parents had to become teachers while still maintaining a full-time job. Learners’ routines were abrupted and remote learning became the “new normal”. This, however, also lead to homeschooling and especially online home schooling, […]