Wingu Academy prides itself to meet our Wingu family and our Wingulians’ needs to have flexible schooling and still excel and thrive academically. Following is the account of one of our Wingu parents, Margo Meier’s testimonial of how Wingu was able to provide a stable and structured schooling solution which also affords them the flexibility […]

It is no secret that kids enjoy gaming. It’s fun, introduces the element of competition and has become a very big part of how they socially interact these days. With this in mind Wingu Academy has embarked on a journey to take education to the next level by incorporating progress based gamification into their course […]

In today’s educational landscape, personalised learning has emerged as a transformative approach, particularly in the context of online schooling for students. This paradigm shift from traditional methods is redefining how education is delivered and received, focusing on tailoring educational experiences to meet the unique needs, strengths, and interests of each student. What is Personalized Learning? […]

The Importance of Art in Education Art is often seen as a break from the ‘real work’ in schools, but its role in developing critical thinking skills is substantial. According to education experts, art can significantly enhance a child’s cognitive abilities if integrated effectively into the curriculum. Parents and teachers can leverage art to provide […]

In today’s digital age, screen time is an integral part of online learning. As education increasingly shifts to digital platforms, understanding when screen time counts as productive learning is crucial. Screen time dedicated to educational activities—such as attending virtual classes, engaging with interactive educational software, and conducting research—should be considered valuable learning time. However, balancing […]

Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge and tools to solve practical problems or achieve specific objectives. It encompasses a wide range of tools, systems, and processes designed to facilitate human activities, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity. Examples of technology include computers, smartphones, software applications, internet services, and digital devices used in various fields […]

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Wingu School of Entrepreneurship! WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP (WSoE)! Your  Journey as an entrepreneur begins here. Wingu entrepreneurship works in collaboration with Young Entrepreneurs and we have expanded our entrepreneurship program in 2024! Students from stages 4 to 9 have the fantastic opportunity to register for entrepreneurship as […]

Unlock Your Creative Potential with International GCSE Art & Design! Explore, Create, Inspire. WELCOME TO THE iGCSE ART & DESIGN PROGRAM! The Journey Begins Here. Are you ready to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and expression? Look no further! Our comprehensive online Art and Design course, meticulously crafted for the Pearson iGCSE examination […]

Immerse yourself in language and culture at Wingu Academy! WELCOME TO THE WINGU SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES (WSoFL)! Your  journey begins here. The Wingu School of Foreign Languages (WSoFL), offering French, German, and Spanish for students aged 6 – 19, gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture. Students are not only […]

Welcome to the International Private School in Centurion, where we prioritize small class sizes and a modern approach to education. At our Wingu-powered Smart Schools, we provide a safe, reliable, and dynamic learning environment for students from diverse backgrounds. Partnering with the Oxford International Curriculum, we deliver high-quality, technology-enabled education that prepares students for success […]