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The pandemic-led digital transformation enabled online learning to provide a seamless school year, keeping learners on track despite the onslaught of the Covid waves. Furthermore, the digital age also created new avenues of possibilities for parents and learners choosing home education as an alternative to the old-style school curricula. 

As a pioneer in private education specialising in online and distance learning over the past 30 years, the Boston group is a key player in this environment, extending their educational expertise to support parents and learners embarking on a home education journey with reliable services via Boston Online Home Education, visit 

As a registered Cambridge International Associate we create credible online pathways for parents of home educated learners toward the attainment of school-leaving alternatives that are internationally recognised for entry into leading local and global universities.

“Our mission is to provide access to global opportunities for home education parents and learners. For this reason we have chosen to support the renowned Cambridge curriculum with strategically designed learning materials and technology.  This uniquely prepares learners for the future, honing higher order skills of comprehension, understanding and application,” says Katz about the Boston group which has become one of only five international associates listed on the Cambridge International website, 

Future ready skills:  Critical thinking

According to the World Economic Forum critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years.  This is a key competency required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a transferable skill that can be used across subjects and careers.

In a world where knowledge has become a vital currency, it is essential that learners are able to think critically about content,” says Eli Katz, executive at Boston Online Home Education (BOHE).

A central focus of the Cambridge curriculum is to avoid rote learning and emphasize higher order skills and its application.

“Our aim is to support parents and learners so that they gain valuable life skills and competencies including analysis and evaluation of information that can be applied in different contexts, enabling them to problem solve and make meaning of complex issues.  We are excited to support parents and learners who choose the Cambridge curriculum” says Katz.

Boston Online Home Education Support includes various Cambridge paths. 

The Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE) for learners turning 14 in the first year of registration and who have achieved a Grade 7 or 8; the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) stream is for learners turning 16 in the first registration year and who have achieved either a Grade 9 or 10 or the ICE. 

Learners also have the option to register for Cambridge examinations in respect of individual Cambridge IGCSE and AS subjects to supplement their existing studies especially for those learners who wish to enter more demanding faculties such as medicine or engineering post school.  

Cambridge awards are recognised by universities in South Africa and  globally, including Ivy League institutions.

As a registered Cambridge International Associate our staff have access to the Cambridge Support Hub so that we can provide relevant, comprehensive and up to date support to ensure alignment with the Cambridge curriculum and realise your child’s preparedness for these examinations

Quality Course Content 

As a registered Cambridge International Associate we provide credible support mechanisms and services required to support your child’s home education success in the Cambridge curriculum. 

Amongst the challenges faced by parents is ensuring that their children have access to quality content and assessments whilst being able to monitor their progress. The Boston platform provides parents with a specific login feature to co-participate in their learning journey. 

Boston has developed a comprehensive offering mapped to Cambridge guidelines. In addition to live lessons and educator support which provide personal attention to each learner, the Boston methodology includes  extensive recorded video lessons, summaries, e-books and assessments with triggers being sent to parents so that they are able to monitor progress and track performance.   This also allows learners to revise material at their own time and their own pace until they fully grasp the content instead of feeling pressurized in a classroom setting. 

The live lessons then allow for classroom interaction and facilitates educator-leaner engagement and discussion.  Our personalized learning approach is further enhanced by individual counselling sessions.

Advanced technology infrastructure

The use of the Boston’s artificial intelligence (AI) model assists with detailed reporting, data analytics and diagnostics for parent to determine strengths and weaknesses throughput the learning experience.

Learner progress is further monitored through access to a range of formal and informal assessments, facilitating detailed feedback to parents and learners, enabling relevant academic intervention throughout the learning process.

“ It is essential that we harness technology but intertwine with human intervention to create a learning experience focused on the individual”” says Katz.

Social Interaction 

Boston encourages social interaction through multiple opportunities to engage online with other home educated learners. In this way, learners can enjoy a local and global social network.  A variety of activities such as digital music production, journalism club, app development, public speaking and even online chess tournaments are made available.

Parents who require further information and assistance, can  speak to a Boston counsellor or  visit our website: or send an email to:

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