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Children love beanbags because they are so much easier to catch and throw than a ball.   Learning to catch a moving object is not as easy as it seems and requires a great deal of concentration and coordination.  Beanbags offer your child the chance to have more success at catching which is a total confidence […]

New from Chicco and new to South Africa, the Easy Fit Baby Sling is the simple and intuitive pouch that is worn like a shirt and perfectly adapted to the parents and the child, accompanying them during their physiological growth path.  Ideal from the earliest days of life thanks to the wide and ergonomic seat, […]

Meet our Jolly Fun Christmas package, greeting your holidays with joy and magical gifts.   There are 7 great gifts to accidentally push into your trolly this year, that your children or family’s will adore; including play-doh kitchen play set, Don’t step in it, Pie face cannon, My little pony cutie mark crew, Trivial Persuit- […]

South Africa is a multilingual community, and mastering more than one language is not only important for today’s children, but it also offers several benefits. But how easy is it for children to learn a second language? Children tend to find it easier than adults as their brains are focused on absorbing information during their […]

Chicco EasyFit Baby Carrier is a great little carrier. There are no complex instructions and it just fits! This product was right up my ally! Every parent can agree that the hardest part of being is a new parent is the first 6 months. You want to be close to baby and baby wants to […]

Learning to communicate effectively is a complicated process, involving multiple skills that develop concurrently. A child’s speech and language skills develop as they grow from infancy to school age. This development should follow suggested timelines and patterns. When it doesn’t, this can be a worry for parents and is cause for a professional evaluation by […]

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme is celebrating 21 years of giving back.  To date more than R500 million has been raised for South African schools, charities, animal and environmental causes thanks to supporters swiping their cards at participating retailers.   In celebration of its 21st anniversary, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has launched the ‘21 […]

Whether you are celebrating a religious festival, such as Christmas or Hanukkah, or something more secular, you are sure to have a set of rituals or traditions that make the holiday season extra special. Some of these may be a little odd, unusual or outright weird but, guaranteed, they won’t beat these strange traditions from […]

How the future of learning will incorporate ancient wisdom. Nowadays, things are changing faster than ever before. Most industries are experiencing rapid and substantial disruption, and education is no different. In most parts of the world, the traditional view of education in a classroom with a teacher and 25 to 35 children is becoming outdated. In fact, […]