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It has become increasingly more common to see children using tablets, portable gaming devices and smartphones with headphones. Certainly these days our children are wired for sound, but does this increased use of headphones and the potential damage inflicted by them mean that they will be more wired for hearing aids in the near future?  […]

Even though we use the words hearing and listening interchangeably, the difference in meaning is significant.  Hearing is a sense. Listening is a learned skill.  Hearing is the process, function, or power of perceiving sound.  Listening is paying attention to a message in order to hear it, understand it, and physically or verbally respond to […]

Hearing is one of the most important senses. Through hearing we learn how to communicate with others, we experience the joy of music, the excitement of laughter, the symphony of nature and the bustling sounds of the city. Hearing also protects us, it alerts us to approaching danger and keeps us connected to the outside […]

Learning to communicate effectively is a complicated process, involving multiple skills that develop concurrently. A child’s speech and language skills develop as they grow from infancy to school age. This development should follow suggested timelines and patterns. When it doesn’t, this can be a worry for parents and is cause for a professional evaluation by […]

What is a Middle Ear Infection?  A Middle Ear Infection (also referred to as Otitis Media by healthcare professionals) refers to an infection, inflammation or fluid build up behind the eardrum.      Middle ear infections can either be acute or recurrent in nature. Recurrent Otitis Media is defined as 3 or more separate episodes […]

One minute they are crying, the next they are conversing!  Communication development begins at birth. From the time your precious newborn gives their first cry, they start learning all about language, communication, and connecting with the world around them. Babies have “conversations” through their cries, facial expressions and body language long before the arrival of […]