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Review: Chicco Boppy Pillow

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I was recently offered the chance to test one of the best selling feeding pillows – the Boppy – and it was just what I needed.  I recently gave birth to twins and while the one is still in hospital (twin A), this provided me with the opportunity to bond with twin b at home. 

While twin B is at home, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us to bond and for me to feel like a mom. It has been really hard not having both twins at home so the Boppy came at the perfect time.

I had breastfed my eldest son exclusively for 6 months and this time round I had planned to do the same with the twins! Turns out, life has other things planned but the Boppy Pillow made life easier. 

The Boppy was launched in South Africa this year by Chicco and is stocked through the following retailers from December:

Baby City, Babies R Us, Hamleys,,  at R799.99.

This multi-purpose feeding and support pillow has been scientifically studied and ergonomically shaped to ensure that mother and baby breastfeed in exactly the right position.  

This helps to relieve stress and tension (you can only imagine how stressed I am with my little one in hospital still) It makes for peaceful feeding for both parent and baby aiding in bonding with my baby.  

When baby and I are in the right position, he just seems to latch on easier making sure that we have a nice and easy feed. 

After feeding, I was able to prop baby up to reduce the risk of reflux…. Its like my little has their very own baby nest!

I did not know that this Boppy Pillow would become such a big part of my daily routine!

I certainly like that when the littles get a little older that we can use the amazing supportive pillow as a prop cushion to help the twins learn how to sit.

All in all it’s a fantastic product. A good investment if you’re planning to breast feed for a good few months! When twin A is home, we will be able to prop baby up and dad can get in on the feeding as well!

The covers are removable so this make it easy to keep clean. It is noted that you can use the Boppy Pillow up until around 6+ months… certainly a great investment. 


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