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The following information is to be used as a guide to and at the discretion of the end-user and should not replace a doctor’s opinion. If your baby is crying, the first step is trying to figure out the reason.  Some of the most common reasons why a baby is crying are: Hunger is usually the […]

The 3rd wave of Covid-19, which is predominantly the Delta variant, is having a major impact on our healthcare system with reports of hospital admissions being significantly higher than during waves 1 and 2. ‘We can attest to this by the ongoing monitoring and analysis provided by our actuarial teams’, says Lee Callakoppen, Principal Officer […]

Your health during and after your pregnancy is important to both you and your baby. Normally when people think health, assume physical, but your mental health is just as important. If you are struggling with anxiety and depression during your pregnancy, this is known as antenatal depression. You’re probably chalking your mood swings and doubts […]

It is common knowledge that healthcare costs rise exponentially and medical schemes have to find ways to reduce costs both for the medical scheme and its members. Kathy Malherbe spoke to Dr Morgan Mkhatshwa, Head of Operations at Bonitas Medical Fund, about generics and biosimilars and how they contribute towards reducing healthcare costs. One of […]

Newborn Hearing Newborns can hear immediately upon birth and are able to distinguish their mother’s voice above all else. If your baby does not seem to react to your voice or does not startle with a loud noise, be sure to tell your paediatrician. Stimulating your baby’s sensesBelieve it or not your baby will learn […]

The global pandemic has highlighted more than ever the need to stay healthy and keep our immune systems as strong as possible.  It is well documented that people with  co-morbidities and poorly functioning immune systems are at the highest risk of getting really ill from Covid-19.  Although you cannot suddenly reverse a co-morbidity or instantly […]