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The shift towards home-based care was accelerated by the Covid pandemic. Although not necessarily always possible for Covid patients, the benefits of home-based care vs hospitalisation have been highlighted for both patients and their families for several procedures and illnesses.  Dr Morgan Mkhatshwa, Head of Operations at Bonitas Medical Fund, says the Scheme has a […]

Drinking during pregnancy is a huge NO, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in. Alcohol causes harm to your unborn baby, and can cause them to have lifelong physical and mental problems. If you are planning on getting pregnant it is best to avoid alcohol.  But if you didn’t know for the first […]

Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure (the pressure of your blood on the walls of your blood vessels) during the later part of pregnancy, as opposed to chronic hypertension which is high blood pressure outside of pregnancy. Hypertension affects about 6 – 8 % of pregnant women, and unfortunately can negatively affect you and your […]

Due to the different waves of Covid-19 and the emerging variants, a number of elective surgeries were postponed to help minimise the take up of hospital beds and to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus.  However, surgeries are now getting back on track, – even if it’s only a window during which the backlog of […]

Given today’s current global COVID-19 pandemic, worrying about the potentially harmful viruses’ effect on your pregnancy and baby is a valid concern. You’re probably wondering the best ways to avoid the virus when pregnant, and what to do if you think you may have caught it. How can I protect myself and my baby from […]

As South Africa moves to Covid-19 adjusted Level 2 and vaccination numbers increase, access to quality healthcare remains a priority.  Today, Bonitas Medical Fund announced its 2022 product line up offering. This includes the use of reserves to keep contribution increases lower, a Benefit Booster to stretch day-to-day benefits, a revised international travel benefit with […]