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Newborn Hearing Newborns can hear immediately upon birth and are able to distinguish their mother’s voice above all else. If your baby does not seem to react to your voice or does not startle with a loud noise, be sure to tell your paediatrician. Stimulating your baby’s sensesBelieve it or not your baby will learn […]

The global pandemic has highlighted more than ever the need to stay healthy and keep our immune systems as strong as possible.  It is well documented that people with  co-morbidities and poorly functioning immune systems are at the highest risk of getting really ill from Covid-19.  Although you cannot suddenly reverse a co-morbidity or instantly […]

Symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD is pain in your pelvis, which is caused by the relaxing of ligaments in the pelvic bones too early before birth. Many aspects of pregnancy can cause discomfort, and SPD is one of them. Here are the signs of SPD and what you can do if you think you to […]

Annually, seasonal influenza (flu) kills around 11 500 people in South Africa. Which is why Bonitas Medical Fund offers flu vaccines annually at no cost – to every member and beneficiary. The Fund has announced that the cost of administering the flu vaccine – as well as other vaccines covered from the risk benefit – will […]

Kathy Malherbe speaks to the clinical team at Bonitas Medical Fund to get some insights on Gestational Diabetes (GDM) and tells the story of mother-of-two, Theresa’s (36) experience with Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes is a condition whereby your body is unable, in varying degrees, to produce or respond to the hormone insulin. This causes abnormal metabolism […]