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Pregnancy, your body and your baby – week 14 of your pregnancy

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Week 14 of your pregnancy and you’re in month four of your pregnancy with five to go – almost half way already. Trimester two of pregnancy means you should be feeling renewed levels of energy and you may even notice that your appetite has increased thanks to morning sickness slowly easing up.

Your baby in week 14

Your baby is now the size of a peach, and now often moves her arms and legs – but you won’t be able to feel this yet. If you could see into your belly, you may even notice your little one sucking their thumb!

Around this time the grasp reflex is evolving, and hair growth is starting as follicle under the skin, so that when they’re born your baby should have silky strands of hair. Your little one’s genitals are now also fully developed, but it’ll still be difficult to tell their gender on ultrasound.

Your body in week 14

Luckily during your second trimester you’ll be feeling more yourself, with rising energy levels, breasts that are less tender and dissipating nausea.

You’ll also probably starting to show a bit as well, however, some moms, especially those expecting multiples, may start showing sooner. This is because your uterus is rising out of the pelvic region and into your lower abdomen. During the second trimester you’ll also notice that you’ll start to put on weight, don’t be alarmed by this as it’s completely normal and healthy during a pregnancy.

Things to take note of 

If you found that during your first trimester your pregnancy symptoms meant that you generally stayed away from exercise, embrace your renewed energy levels and start doing gentle exercises such as water aerobics, prenatal exercise classes and gentle walks. This’ll be beneficial to both you and your growing little one.

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