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Bonitas Medical Fund has announced the appointment of Dr Morgan Busuku Mkhatshwa as Head of Operations.   Dr Mkhatshwa is a medical doctor with extensive experience in the healthcare sector. He has a proven track record of spearheading the introduction of enhanced comprehensive healthcare services and programmes including occupational healthcare services. In addition, he has led organisational restructuring efforts […]

Let’s think about the typical pandemic parenting guide for a second. The usual advice includes tips on how to help your kids navigate the transition to online learning, how to keep them busy and avoid boredom, and why schedules and routines are important now more than ever. All but one of the bases is covered, […]

Settling in to the new school year and a classroom-ready mindset isn’t always easy. Beyond the excitement of  physically going back to school full time (after the 2020 restrictions), new classes and even new friends, children and parents alike can get easily overwhelmed by the changes the new school year brings. Here are six tips […]

Feminine hygiene brand, Libresse, has launched its most intimate campaign, yet. The compelling initiative empowers women to explicitly share honest, cringe-worthy experiences of womanhood. From the profound diagnosis and fertility treatments, to severe menstrual cycles. The Womb Stories series, features women of various ages and commits to nullify common myths that exist around their complexities. […]

Failing a year, or even just a subject, can be quite devastating for learner and parent alike. In this situation, many parents tend to experience guilt and blame themselves, wondering if they did enough to help their child. Other times, many parents experience deep disappointment in their child, sometimes even anger. And likewise, many learners […]

Children read a lot more than you may think. Every subject your child studies in school requires reading comprehension and retention. Whether it is math, history or science, reading retention is critical to success. Here are some ways you can help your child grow and develop solid reading-retention skills. Start Early Remember, a child’s listening […]

After months of searching for the perfect role, you’ve hit the jackpot and are amped for starting your new job. But this isn’t where your journey ends. In fact, this is where you’ll set the stage for long-term success. You have loads to learn and even more to prove. Here are some of the most […]

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