It’s normal for your child to get nervous before a test or quiz at school. The intensity of their anxiety though is dependent on how confident and calm they feel. It’s important for your child to properly prepare, practice healthy habits, and be optimistic about the results. Follow these tips to help ease test anxiety […]

Children read a lot more than you may think. Every subject your child studies in school requires reading comprehension and retention. Whether it is math, history or science, reading retention is critical to success. Here are some ways you can help your child grow and develop solid reading-retention skills. Start Early Remember, a child’s listening […]

Have you ever heard your child say that maths isn’t fun? While maths can be challenging, there are a variety of ways to make maths more engaging and fun for kids of all ages.  First, help your child understand how they can use maths in real-life scenarios. From cooking to careers, there’s a ton of instances that […]

With calculators, spell-checkers and predictive text now being a common feature on computers and mobile phones, will today’s children still need strong mental skills to get by? Using technological software may be quick and easy, but there are real disadvantages that come when a child is so dependent on online assistance; namely, they will lack […]

You’re sitting in front of your computer or on your phone right now. Is there something else you should probably be doing? Procrastination! This is a struggle many people experience because there are endless distractions in life. Children discover this pretty early in life and that can cause problems when things that need to get […]

Time management for kids is a life skill that can set them up for success. It is particularly important for children to learn time management at an early age in order to be successful in their education, as well as other areas of life. Having time management skills as a child is important because it […]

Whether you realise it or not, we use maths concepts to solve real-life situations every day. From cooking with recipes to figuring out the correct money to give at the store, maths is everywhere. Teaching your children fundamental maths skills at a young age is easier than you think! With research stating that 80% of a […]

It’s hard to believe, as it feels like the school year has only just started, but school holidays are almost upon us! During the break you may find yourself searching for new ideas to keep your kids entertained. Although things may look a little different, there are still so many fun activities to make the […]

 Albert Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  Developing a child’s reading proficiency and igniting their passion for literature is a priority for parents all year-round, however awareness days like the upcoming International Children’s […]