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Video communication is now more than ever challenging the status quo of teaching. The value of eLearning or video communication is being recognized by more and more organizations since it can produce significant results, including improved performance and productivity by learners. Using video conferencing for education has made classrooms walls invisible, allowing students to have the entire world as their learning resource.

Distance Educator, Brainline, says the postponement of the reopening of schools should signify the importance to prioritise online learning as the primary method of learning in the country. This follows an announcement by the Basic Education Department that schools will now only open on 15 February, two weeks later than the initial opening date due […]

Many leaners are being swallowed by the current school system. They are suffering due to the pressures of a full workload and failure to receive sufficient individual attention, resulting in them not being able to reach their full potential. There is also a lot of pressure on learners to take part and excel in extracurricular activities, of which the options may be limited to the offerings by the school. . At the same time, parents are confronted with the constant fear over the safety of their child in a school environment and the possibility of bullying.

Home Education Provider, Brainline, has reassured parents who are considering home schooling as an option not to be deterred by the process of registering for home education. Brainline CEO, Coleen Cronje, says the process is not as daunting as it might seem. ‘Many parents who would like to opt for home education or e-learning are […]

You’ve written your final paper and now the long wait for the results begins. This is true for thousands of learners, especially the Class of 2020 who have finished their final exams on 15 December. Whilst most matriculates are celebrating the end of more than a decade of studying, others are nervous, anxious or afraid […]

We at Brainline understand that some of our students and learners may be experiencing more stress than usual – due to fears about COVID-19. We would like to share some ideas and tips on how we as adults and caregivers can assist our students, learners and children during this time.

Home Education provider, Brainline, says it is very optimistic that a pragmatic solution will be found to the implementation of the Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill, which is set to include some changes to the home education landscape in South Africa.

Socialising is often a big concern for prospective home schoolers as well as the family of home schoolers. However, these students often get to socialize with a greater variety of age groups when compared to learners who attend mainstream schools.