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Good nutrition affects children’s health and well-being throughout their development, from the time of conception right up to adolescence. Encouraging healthy eating and exercise patterns in childhood already sets the stage for habits that will endure throughout their life. The key to health Registered dietitian at Rediscover Dairy, Maretha Vermaak, says: “Eating well helps children […]

Winter is approaching in this second year of the pandemic, and the ongoing threat of COVID infection combined with the advent of colds and flu season has us doubling down on the best ways to support immune function.   While no foods or dietary supplements can prevent COVID-19 infection, good nutrition plays a significant role […]

Versatile and delicious, it’s incredibly easy to make cheese one of your family’s three-a-day dairy options, every day.  Like other dairy, cheese is also a firm favourite with kids. Used as a tasty topping, an essential ingredient and a go-to sandwich filler, cheese also stands alone as a nutritious and satiating snack.  Packed with protein, […]

From infancy through the teen years, children have particular nutritional needs to support their healthy growth.  The culture of food they grow up in, and their food choices in the home and at school, also influence whether or not they will be lifelong healthy eaters.  Unfortunately, there is probably no greater aspect of our daily […]

As countries around the world, like South Africa, grapple with easing lock-downs and rebuilding economies, COVID-19 remains part of everyday life. Protection from the novel virus is likely to remain a high priority for the foreseeable future. Maintaining our health and supporting our immune systems has probably never been so important for our families. Many South Africans are also tightening the purse strings on their household budgets as the financial consequences of the pandemic response become starker and global recession looms.

Dairy is such an integral part of our family’s healthy eating that we don’t want lockdown to compromise our daily enjoyment of these nutritious and versatile products. At a time, when we want to look after our health and support our immune systems, dairy in our diets has so much to offer as a unique high-quality protein source with a wide profile of essential micro-nutrients. Luckily, there are a variety of product solutions and lots of fantastic new hacks, shared by Rediscover Dairy, to help you easily manage, buy, store and use dairy during lockdown.

Breaking a bone is painful. Think about the tears and pain when your child breaks an arm, or an elderly parent fractures a hip. It is often only then that people start to think about bone health. But building strong, healthy bones is a lifelong affair.

The importance of breakfast has long been a part of the prevailing wisdom, and the habit of eating breakfast has always been a marker of a healthy lifestyle.  Yet, if there’s a meal that is going to be skipped, it’s probably breakfast; and this is a pity because research clearly shows that there are many […]

Clean and clear, refreshing and invigorating, we know instinctively that water is good for us.  Yet, many of us have lost touch with water. Overwhelmed with the wide choice of what to drink, most of it sweetened with sugar, we’ve somehow left the simple, but profound goodness of water behind. National Nutrition Week 2017, running […]