Monthly Archives: January 2021

COVID-19 created unprecedented chaos for the global workforce, not just South Africa’s job market. If you have been retrenched due to the impact the pandemic had on your company, we have some practical suggestions that can help you tackle this problem. What should I do if I’ve been retrenched? The first step to take is […]

Store your precious breast milk so you don’t lose a drop. Any mum who has expressed her breast milk knows it is the equivalent of liquid gold. Even the tiniest drop spilled is heartbreaking. By knowing how to store it safely, you can reduce the risk of any of this precious liquid going to waste. […]

Home Education Provider, Brainline, has reassured parents who are considering home schooling as an option not to be deterred by the process of registering for home education. Brainline CEO, Coleen Cronje, says the process is not as daunting as it might seem. ‘Many parents who would like to opt for home education or e-learning are […]

Children and nutrition When preparing meals for your family, include a variety of foods from the five major food groups found on the food pyramid.Here’s some recommendations: Vegetables: 3-5 servings per day (Serving size examples: 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables, ¾ cup of vegetable juice or ½ cup of chopped or cooked vegetables) Fruits: […]

We live in a world that seems to thrive on technological advancements. Because the emphasis on IT jobs is greater than it has ever been, isn’t it time to rethink the future of your career? Adzuna did some research and uncovered some of the best junior IT career choices for tech pros of the future. […]

It’s a new year and, for many, that means New Year’s resolutions. Children don’t necessarily need resolutions – after all, they are unlikely to have many of the same vices and bad habits adults need to break – but it is a good idea to help children set goals for the year, both academic and […]

As we move into the second year of life upended by the global pandemic, SA’s school leavers are weighing their limited options.  While some will forge onto their chosen tertiary education path, others may be set back by not achieving a bachelor’s pass or be uncertain about what they want to study.  Travelling and gaining […]

Congrats! After making it through the job hunt and nailing your first interview, you got invited back for the elusive second interview!  Now, how do you prepare yourself for Round 2? Adzuna headquarters has a few tips and pointers to help you make the most of the next stage of interviewing! What to expect during […]