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Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers grow quickly, both physically and cognitively. During these childhood years they develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development experiences and activities are one of the prime areas of learning and development, influencing changes in the child’s brain and gross and fine motor skills. Therefore, it is very […]

Parents play a big part in shaping children’s eating habits. In a fast paced world where most parents have to juggle their time between work, play and home and are faced with all the latest food fads, it is no surprise that some parents may need some help understanding what healthy food for their little ones is. Getting children to eat what’s best for them can be a challenge, and giving in to their pestering for less-than-nutritious food can make it awfully confusing. Remember you are the parent and you do the shopping.

Muscle tone is the amount of tension (or resistance to movement) in muscles when they are at rest. Our muscle tone helps us to hold our bodies upright when we are sitting and standing. Changes in muscle tone are what enable us to move. Since tone only describes a muscle when it is inactive or resting, it is quite possible for a child with low tone to still be very strong when they exert themselves and activate their muscles. There’s a big difference between muscle tone and muscle strength.

As parents, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing extra-mural activities for your children. At first glance, they all seem to offer the same benefits, such as developing strong, healthy bodies, improving co-ordination and providing children with an outlet for all their energy.