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Returning to work need not be cause for anxiety or a reason to abandon breastfeeding. Carefully managed you can make the transition seamlessly. Here are 4 tips to make breastfeeding whilst going back to work easier: Consider when you are going back to work The age of your baby when you return to work will […]

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (RCWMCH) annually treats approximately 7500 children for injuries which are preventable. For every child death as a result of injury, many more are hospitalized, hundreds of emergency department visits and thousands of clinic and doctors’ visits. Many children surviving their injuries sustain temporary or permanent, life changing disabilities. […]

Breastfeeding is the most perfectly designed feeding system that only Mother Nature could have devised. It provides everything a new-born or infant needs to thrive up until 6 months old, and remains the main component of a baby’s diet until 12 months old, even after solids are introduced. In fact, breastmilk assists in the digestion […]

Work as we know it is changing. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) automation, and robotics will overhaul work at the same level as mechanisation did in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing. With this change, some jobs will be lost, many others created, but almost all will change. What does this mean […]

Nothing can fully prepare you for the horrific news that your child has been diagnosed with cancer – a sad reality for many South African parents. Statistics show that there are currently 1000 children under the age of 15 diagnosed with cancer each year. According to Laurence Hillman, CEO at 1Life: “What’s also horrifying is that […]

More and more research points towards the importance of sleep for children’s health, academic performance, and behaviour. Although this may seem apparent, many of us actually do not allow our children to get the critical sleep they need to develop and function properly. It’s certainly not something we do on purpose. But with parents working long hours, […]

The latter part of August typically signals the arrival of the pollen season, which this year, could prove more troublesome during the pandemic as tree pollen counts start to surge throughout most of the country.  The highest counts to date have been seen in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town from cypress, casuarina, poplar, rhus, oak […]

At this point in their education, your child’s mind is most likely preoccupied with passing their final school year – the final and arguably most daunting year of their school careers. That said, matric learners do need to start considering what they plan to do after they finish school and, more often than not, they […]

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