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We heard your suggestion and we have delivered – you can now shop for your favourite Vital Baby items online at From breast-pads to bottles, from sterilizers to thermometers, Vital Baby has everything an expecting mother could possibly require. Take a look at a few of our best seller items across the website. vital […]

Breast or bottle feeding is about more than just nutrition. For you and your baby, how you’ve been feeding since birth forms an incredible bonding experience. Typically, health professionals recommend breastfeeding to be the best nutritional choice for newborns. It isn’t always possible for all women, however. You may have struggled to breastfeed, or simply […]

Weaning your baby may seem like a daunting experience but there’s no need to worry. Meal times should be fun affairs. With a little preparation and patience you’ll find it as rewarding as your baby will. .  When should I start weaning?  You will need to think about weaning your baby off breast or infant […]

Keep things simple… The car is probably the most frequent form of transport with a baby and the secret of successful travelling children is careful planning. Young children are surprisingly adaptable so providing you take the essentials, such as food, nappies and a favourite toy or two, your child should be quite happy.  Preparation  Prepare […]

Sterilising baby bottles may seem like a tedious job, and let’s be honest, it can be! But although it’s not the most exciting chore, it’s one of the most important ones. It’s really important to sterilise baby’s feeding equipment as it helps to protect your baby’s developing immune system from potentially harmful bugs and bacteria. A […]

Breastfeeding is the most perfectly designed feeding system that only Mother Nature could have devised. It provides everything a new-born or infant needs to thrive up until 6 months old, and remains the main component of a baby’s diet until 12 months old, even after solids are introduced. In fact, breastmilk assists in the digestion […]

There are so many reasons why moms may choose to express. For some, it is a way to include dad and other family members in the feeding routine. For others it ensures baby receives the goodness that breast milk has to offer while being away from their baby, like when they have to return to […]

There is an abundance of information available on breastfeeding. From books, to videos, to promotional material and online articles, preparing yourself for the breastfeeding journey seems easier than ever before. However, despite all the information available at our fingertips, there are still too many myths being punted as truths. Here are ten of the most […]

For moms who have decided to breastfeed, breast pads are a real God-send. While they may not be necessary in the first few days after baby’s birth, they will play an important role when your milk comes in. Leaking is very common; a woman’s breasts may leak when she hears a baby cry, or when […]