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Sterilising baby bottles may seem like a tedious job, and let’s be honest, it can be! But although it’s not the most exciting chore, it’s one of the most important ones. It’s really important to sterilise baby’s feeding equipment as it helps to protect your baby’s developing immune system from potentially harmful bugs and bacteria. A […]

Becoming a parent is exciting but can also be overwhelming at times. The changes to mum, relationships and of course sleep deprivation, can all lead to emotional and mental health strains. And all of this is completely understandable. Having a baby is the biggest change that can happen in one’s life. Not only is your […]

During the early days after the birth, parents are faced with many new decisions and experiences.  One of the most important decisions for parents is whether to breast or bottle-feed, and sometimes that is an option they cannot be in control of. For mums who choose to bottle feed because they want to, or because […]

Winter is an incredibly beautiful season. Apart from the inconvenience that the seasonal weather can bring, in a country where drinking water is often scarce, the rain is always welcome! Less welcome, however are the germs and nasties that creep into our homes. With people coughing and spluttering all around us during winter, it’s important […]

We’ve been told it’s the most nutritious fluid on Earth. Some even refer to it as “liquid gold.” But what is it about breast milk that makes it so unique and special? We take a deeper look. The first 1000 days of your baby’s life, from the first day of your pregnancy up to two […]

Health and hygiene are two issues all parents really care about and they’re top of our list too.  Let’s face it, caring for a baby and creating a hygienic environment can feel never-ending.  With the right equipment, some common sense and a routine, these tasks become second nature and you can feel confident that baby […]

Meal times should be enjoyable, but when you’ve got a stubborn little one to feed, they can be stressful. For some parents, meal times may seem like a battlefield. Yes, it’s bound to get a bit (or a lot!) messy, especially when your tot starts feeding themselves. There may be tantrums over the type of […]

First-time moms are often anxious about what to expect after bringing baby home for the first time. During those precious first few days you may experience a rollercoaster of emotions. There’s the pure joy of finally having baby in your arms, the excitement of what’s to come, the stress and anxiety over whether or not you’re doing everything correctly and of course the pure exhaustion that comes with sleepless nights.

Usually colic is short-lasting for just a few months, but nevertheless it is an upsetting time for both you and baby. It is commonly believed that colic in young babies can be a result of digestive or feeding problems, which can be linked to swallowing air when feeding. Air can be ingested by baby when it enters the bottle and mixes with the milk, and also when baby ingests air while feeding from the teat.

Becoming a mom is one of life’s greatest gifts, and whether it is your first or your third time, the feeling of immense joy you experience when you first lay eyes on your baby, is unbeatable. Having said that, many new moms express that these feelings of joy are quickly pushed aside by feelings of complete panic and helplessness when it comes to breastfeeding for the first time.